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Nov 13, 2008 04:16 AM

Tysons Corner/Vienna area Restaurants

Coming to the area for a few days in March and staying at Embassy Suites Tysons Corner in Vienna, VA. Family of 4 with 2 teen girls. Looking for local recs for non-chain restaurants, moderately priced. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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  1. You haven't mentioned anything about your family's eating habits or level of adventure. I think most of the restaurants that meet your criteria are ethnic.

    Thai restaurants: Paya Thai (Tysons), Born (Vienna), Tara Thai (Tysons/Falls Church)

    Turkish restaurants: Kazan (McLean) and Nizam (Vienna).

    Middle Eastern: Lebanese Taverna (the Tyson's branch of this small local chain), Rose Restaurant (Persian in Vienna)

    Japanese: Yama (Vienna)

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    1. re: Indy 67

      Also Persian (with great rices) is Shamshiry in Tyson's.

      For a safe but good option, check out the Great American Restaurant line. They're a local chain with a small twist in that nearly every outpost takes a different bend (there are a few duplicates of some of them). South of Tyson's is Sweetwater, and not terribly far away going West on 50 - at Fairfax circle - is Artie's. The newest is Jackson's in Reston Town Center, which isn't far away on the toll road.

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        Thanks, we are open to adventure and love to try new things. We don't have any Turkish cuisine in our area so I'm intrigued by your choices. What do you recommend ordering there?

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          At Nizam's the yogurtlu kabob is really good. Also doner kabob is really good. Anything w/ rice too and they have a decent wine list for an ethnic place. Make sure you go over to Nielsen's frozen custard for dessert after! It's actually a 3 store "chain" from Utah where the kids moved to VA and opened a branch. I was SO happy when we moved here from Utah several years back and saw Nielsen's! best F.C. on the planet...

          1. re: rocknroll52

            If they're serving it, the Doner Kabab. (Nizam's only serves it a few nights a week).

            In addition to the excellent recommendations you've gotten so far, I'll add Greek Taverna in McLean.

            1. re: rocknroll52

              Kazan offers donner kebab on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights. (I don't know Nizam's routine.) If your plans don't take you to Kazan on either of those nights, order the yogurtlu kabob which is a good -- and surprisingly similar -- alternative.

              We love Kazan's taramasalata. This whipped greek caviar appetizer is better than any version we had traveling in Turkey. Another stellar appetizer is their version of Iman Bayildi. (sp?) This dish is so filling that you won't be able to eat both this and an entree.

              Finally, Kazan's version of baklava is etherally light and delicious. It's called orange baklava, and although it has the predictable nuts and syrup manages to avoid being too heavy or cloying.

              Biggest drawback: Very weak wine selection.

          2. I haven't been in years, but Tara Thai (226 Maple Ave) in Vienna is a real winner. From what I can see, recent reviews are also positive.

            1. Another rec is really a sentimental favorite. Marco Polo (also on Maple) is a very nice Italian rest. with great service. Food is pretty good, if not very innovative. We started going there over 30 years ago. Prices are reasonable. Decent dishes of fish, veal, pastas, etc.

              1. For seafood, I would highly recommend Monterey Bay Fish Grotto. It is right next to the tysons Galleria mall. They offer a wide selection of fish and other seafood, which can be prepared in many different fashions. Last time I was there I had the Chilean Sea Bass stuffed with a spinach and cheese mixture and topped with a marsala mushroom wine sauce - absolutely delicious! Depending on what you order, you can definitely keep it in the moderate range since an appetizer salad is included in the meal.

                In Vienna, a local bistro-type restaurant which is very good is Bazin's on Church. The ravioli appetizers are always my favorite. There has been discussion on the boards about the service not being very good, however last time I was there I had great service (although it was about a year ago).

                1. Persian: Rose in Vienna (more selection than Shamshiry),
                  Italian: Capri in McLean
                  Sushi: Tachibana in McLean
                  Chinese: none in the immediate vicinity
                  Vietnamese noodle soup: closest good ones are Pho Golden Cow (have decent Vietnameses springrolls) and Pho 75 on Arlington Blvd (Rt 50), if you haven't had pho before, you should try some while you're here
                  Middle Eastern Mezzes: Lebanonese Taverna
                  Tapas: Corner Bistro or Evo Bistro in McLean
                  Pizza: Church St. Pizza in Vienna
                  French: Cafe Renaissance in Vienna

                  These are the best bets at moderate prices.

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                    1. re: Ericandblueboy

                      Can I just add if you do pho, which I LOVE, research it first. The soup is amazing but what you decide to add transforms it. Paya Thai is very good. Also, if you go dwn 123 towards Oakton, there is Greek on the left, Skorpios and Maggios. Bazins rocks..Also google Eden Center for Vietnamese options beyond pho.

                      1. re: Ericandblueboy

                        I've never heard of Rose's until the few recs on this post. Can someone tell me more about it. Definitely intrigued by Eric's comment of more selection than Shamshiry? More selection across the board, or more of rices or more of meats (Shamshiry has quite the choice on meats with salmon and quail on the list).


                        1. re: Dennis S

                          i second Shamshiry! it's my only persian dining experience (apart from sampling a friend's mother's food) outside of moby dick and i loved it.

                          1. re: Dennis S

                            Rose has kebabs (but I'm not sure if they have salmon or quail), but also a couple of different type of beef stews, and lamb shank. Their bread is warn and fresh, served with a great yogurt dip and a spicy green sauce.

                            1. re: Ericandblueboy

                              I'll have to check it out. Been awhile actually for me at Shamshiry as well. They did have a good selection of yogurts, chutneys and other things as well, IIRC.