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Nov 12, 2008 10:24 PM

Need help entertaining first time NY visitors!

Hi guys,

I was hoping I could get some help. A couple is visiting us from australia (their first time in NY) and I would like to show them a good time on saturday (11/22). Dinner, drinks and all that. Unfortunately, they are not offering any suggestions on types of food etc, so they are leaving it completely open to me. Thus me pleading to you!

It's their first time in ny so I want them to be impressed. So ideally both the food and the scene will be amazing. We are all late 20's--2 couples, if that helps. And since i'll be picking up the tab I don't want a prix fix place (or a place where I couldn't get recommendations this late). Entrees going up to 35 or so, is perfectly fine though. I would also like some drink recommendations for that night--multiple would also work we can do something before dinner and then after. I currently had the Brandy Library for pre dinner and the Pegu Club for post dinner in mind. The locations aren't too big of a deal since we want to show them the different parts of the city anyway, so if we need to move around that although not optimal is perfectly fine.

Also a dessert place recommendation would be great. I have only tried Room 4 Dessert (possibly still closed?) and POng, both of those were great so if there is something like that it would be wonderful.

And just in general if you guys have any thoughts (food/beverage related obviously) about what I should do with them I would love the help. The are staying at the Alex hotel on the east side, and we will have about 2 days in ny together.

A ton of questions, and clearly me passing on my responsibilities and for both of those I am sorry but THANK YOU a ton in advance!

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  1. Room 4 Dessert closed but you can try Kyotofu, Chikalicious, WD-50, or Tailor.

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      I think wd-50 is a great idea.

    2. how about allen & delancey for dinner?
      seems like it might strike a good balance of fine creative dining while also being young and fun for a saturday night, not stuffy like many other more traditional fine dining spots.

      brandy library and pegu club are two great cocktails spots. might be fun to throw one of the hotel bars in the mix if you go further uptown (maybe somewhere with a view or king cole at the st. regis?) if you want to stick with downtown cocktails though - flatiron lounge or death & co. are other good options.

      you should definitely get in a solid brunch scene on sunday before they go -- pastis or balthazar are stand-by classics? or maybe something less sceney and more old-school like barney greengrass?

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        There have been very few if any reports on Allen & Delancey since their chef left for Soho House so they may not be firing on all cylinders.

      2. On Sunday, you might want to consider doing my (in)famous LES food tour. Here's the link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/493333

        1. Thanks for the suggestions! I was actually thinking Pastis for sunday so am glad you guys also thought of that (although--that food tour sounds great--I may have to indulge in it myself one of these days). I had not thought of wd-50, just saw the dessert menu and it looks fantastic so will def. go for that. The menu for allen and delancey looked interesting, so ill have to look into that. Any other thoughts on dinner though?

          Any thoughts on bars with views? That seemed like a great idea.

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            Some downtown faves: Peasant, Public, Prune.

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              I checked Opentable today and the only availability at Allen & Delancey that Saturday is 6:30, so unless you want to dine "unfashionably early", you're out of luck. Another place to consider is Degustation, which should definitely impress them, but I have no idea if you can reserve on such short notice, so I would call them ASAP.

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                Restaurants do not give all their reservations to OpenTable, so it's always a good idea to call the restaurant directly because they might actually have an opening.

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                  The menu for Degustation looks fantastic. But I couldn't tell if 4 people would be able to engage in a good conversation around the bar. For those of you that have been there--any thoughts on that?

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                    Update on Degustation. The only times they take a reservation for 4 or more is at 6:30 or 10 pm. So I'm back to the drawing board. And Allen & D is booked up for all times except 6:30. Anymore thoughts?

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                      How about Convivio? A quick check of OpenTable just now shows availability on 11/22 for 4 people at 8:45 p.m.

                      1. re: RGR

                        I agree. Grab Convivio while it's available.

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                          Just booked it, thank you very much. The current game plan is: 7:00 pm-Pegu Club for drinks (they changed their hotel to 60 thompson so that worked out well). Dinner at Convivo-8:45. Dessert at wd-50 at 11. Drinks maybe maybe meatpacking or w. village. It seems like overkill but it should be fun and they def. shouldn't have complaints! Thanks for all your help.