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Nov 12, 2008 07:16 PM

Charlotte: Ostrich, venison?


I've been in the Queen city for two years & have yet to find a restaurant that serves either. Do you know of any? My friend suggested I go to butcher & just make it myself, which I guess is a possibility too...anyone know of any local butchers that would carry this stuff? I love ostrich & haven't had it in so long! Help!

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  1. Sir Edmund Haley's Pub located in the Park Road Shopping center. has an excellent Ostrich meatloaf on the menu. I like Venison too and don't know where to find it. You can buy raw Ostrich at the Yorkmont or Tailgate farmers markets. trader Joe's sells frozen Bison Burgers and Big Daddy's does a great job of serving them cooked.

    1. I have had ostrich at Pewter Rose. I don't know if it's still on the menu.

      1. In addition to the ostrich meatloaf that Sir Edmond Halley's serves, it is now serving a venison osso buco, which is absolutely delicious. It comes with palenta and asparagus.

        A lot of restaurants have seasonal menus and have those items on the menus at certain times, so there may be some places that have those things right now. I was somewhere else recently that served ostrich, but cannot recall where it was (I know that really helps).

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          Wow, Sir Edmond Halley's now serving a venison osso buco, which is absolutely delicious. Thanks for the info, I'm their dude.

        2. I usually don't participate in Chowhound, but had not seen this included: Locally raised ostrich is available on Saturdays at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market, and on Tuesday afternoons (until next week, I believe) at the Charlotte Tailgate Farmers Market in SouthEnd.

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              She used to but we cannot talk about that.

          1. Waldhorn in Pineville has venison on the menu - very good.

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              I second the Waldhorn venison rec. Also, dh's favorite meal in Charlotte to date was venison w/ an apple reduction at Barrington's.