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Nov 12, 2008 07:08 PM

Charlottesville VA-Pre theater diner for 2?

Any recs for dining in downtown Charlottesville? We will be arriving about 5pm on Sat night and have to check into the hotel, change our clothes, find parking and make the Paramount theater by 7:30. I know of Zocalo and the C&O. They are both great but I don't want to ruin a fine meal by being in a rush.

Any other ideas, appetizers and drinks or a prix fixe early dinner menu would be fine.

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  1. I moved away from Charlottesville in 2005, so there might be some new places I don't know, but I always liked Zocalo. It's laid back enough that if you wanted to have drinks and appetizers nobody would think anything of it. I used to go to Oxo for cocktails, and I think there was a bar menu with appetizer choices. I also liked Shebeen, which is right off the downtown mall but not very close to Paramount.

    1. Zocalo is right next to the Paramount and one of the best restaurants in town. If you don't order appetizers, the entrees come out fairly quickly.

      I also love Bizou. Upscale comfort food just down the mall towards the Omni.

      Mono Loco is very casual and has good food:

      Eppie's has great jerk chicken and sides. Christian's is a good place to grab a slice and a beer. Marco & Luca's makes great dumplings.