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Nov 12, 2008 06:57 PM

Peppermint extract in Arlington/Cambridge area?

I'm looking for peppermint extract, and I checked Whole Foods and neither the Medford, Alewife, or Woburn stores carry it. Penzeys also doesn't carry it. Does anyone know where I can find it?

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  1. christina's spice shop in inman should carry it. 1255 cambridge st. same block as east coast grill.

    1. Worth a call to Fresh Pond Market on Huron Ave (617) 876-3916, they have a bunch of unusual stuff.

      1. every shaw's or stop and shop I've been in has a mccormick's version....are you looking for something a little more upscale?

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          Doesn't have to be "upscale", as long as it's peppermint extract and not "flavoring". I think I'll check one of those grocery stores... Whole Foods doesn't carry the normal spice lines like McCormick.

            1. re: hokietoner

              I've bought it at Star Market. They should have it in any regular grocery store.

          1. Williams Sonoma used to carry a real nice one at the Burlington store.

            1. I for some reason have two bottles of peppermint extract, it's the McCormick version but it's most definitely peppermint extract, not flavoring. Any grocery store should have it, I got mine at Stop and Shop