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Nov 12, 2008 06:45 PM

Warrenton restaurants?

Can anyone suggest a restaurant for a casual lunch in Warrenton on Friday afternoon on the way to Charlottesville? Thanks!

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    Never been there but I have heard very good things about it. The owner does everything she can to get loal and seasonal items and the menu looks quite varied.

    My only other suggestion would be to take the back roads to Warrenton (Rt 50 to Atoka and down through Marshall) and stop at the Hunter's Head in Upperville. The route will will be very scenic.

    1. This may be fancier than what you are looking for, but Foti's in Culpepper (on the way to Charlottesville still!) is amazing. The owner and chef used to be the executive sous chef at the Inn at Little Washington. I know he does a more casual lunch menu, tho I have only been there for dinner. Amazing food...

      1. In Warrenton, I second the recommendation for Claire's and would also recommend The Iron Bridge Wine Company (casual American w/ excellent wine selection). Both of these are in Old Town. A mile or so away in the strip mall area are another couple of good places -- Tadpole Cafe (casual French) and Cafe Torino (casual Italian bistro).

        And Foti's in Culpeper is exceptional. I've never had lunch there, but I've no doubt it would be good.

        I also really like Hunter's Head, but it's not on your route to Charlottesville.

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          Thank you for the input. We went to Claire's and had a very good lunch. Would like to try Foti's sometime.

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            Glad you liked Claire's. Was there recently for the first time and really enjoyed it. So nice to finally have a good restaurant in Warrenton.

            And yes, you must get to Foti's. Worth the drive. Happened to be staying near Culpeper for our anniversary last month and was so excited to finally have a chance to try it. Defintiely lived up to the expectation. Creative, delicious dishes, with much larger portions sizes at much less the cost than the Inn ; ) And old town Culpeper is a very hip little town. Much gentrified from my last visit umpteen years ago.