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Nov 12, 2008 06:02 PM

craving ethiopian food in baltimore

my husband and i both used to really like the baltimore branch of dukem, but he went there about six months ago and had a really bad experience. has anyone been there lately? was it just an off night?

alternatively, does anyone know of any other good ethiopian restaurants in **baltimore** (we know there are lots in DC)?

thanks fellow 'hounds!

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  1. Since the Sunlight Lounge on Eastern closed a few years back, I don't know of any other options aside from Dukem. I'd like to hear of alternatives, as well.

    1. Although I have yet to go, my friend highly recommends Elfegne Cafe, 821 Washington Blvd. She prefers it over Dukem.

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        see elfegne review I put up recently: yes, it is good!

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          I second the Elfegne place on Washington Blvd. I've always had good food there, though I won't claim to be an expert on Ethiopian food.

      2. i ate at dukem 2 weeks ago and thought it was terrific. i am not however an expert on ethiopian food

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          There is a chow outing planned to Elfegne on Thursday April 9th with a great menu for $15 a head, through Charm City Hounds. There are still a few places left, so email me at if interested.

        2. All restaurants have had bad nights and I've found Dukem to be consistently good and pretty accurate to what I ate in Addis Ababa.