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Nov 12, 2008 05:54 PM

Why is it so Hard to Find a New Year's Suggestion?

Seems like many people are asking for help in finding a place to celebrate New Year''s Eve in LA.
Casual and not too expensive is a theme.
Is this something anyone knows?
Anyone down there able to help?
I know we'll be in the area for the night and I'd also love some thoughts, but looking back there are very few, if any suggestions.
Please, please help us out-of-towners!
Thank you, thank you!!!

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  1. A little more infomation would help us help you.

    Where in the massive L.A. area you'll be staying.
    Please tell us a dollar amount for what "not too expensive" means to you.
    What sort of food / drink / atmosphere are you looking for?

    1. because new year's is typically crazy expensive and you rarely get the quality that you pay for had you spent the same amount of money on a non holiday evening.

      having said that, we went to red, white & bluezz (in Pasadena) last new year's eve and the prix fixe was not outrageous, the food was ok and the servcie was really good.

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      1. re: lotta_cox

        Thanks for the responses.
        I had noticed a couple of queries that had gone unanswered.
        We'll be staying in Santa Monica and have no interest in prix fixe, don't need to be in a restaurant at midnight and will be in the area for 5 nights so can do our "special" eating a different evening.
        We'd love fun, ethnic (prefer not Asian- too much in the Bay Area) although I don't imagine Anisette would fit my critereia?!

        1. re: Oakland Barb

          I think the problem will be getting away from the fixed menu. I wouldn't go to Anisette on New Year's. Too many other people will want to go somewhere with a label that splashy. I would instead choose something smaller and less heralded. I am not a west sider, so the less known good restaurants over there are off my radar. Let me put my thinking cap on for a few days.

          1. re: Oakland Barb

            I personally wouldn't rule out Asian. I am not sure I would go to one of them on NYE (because I don't like crowds), but some of my favorite places in LA, both on the west side and elsewhere, are Asian and of a quality you just won't find in the bay area (Japanese is particularly strong on the west side, both sushi and small plates, and much, much stronger than in the bay area).

            but, if you definitely don't want Asian, I think Monte Alban is an excellent recommendation.

            Monte Alban
            11927 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

            1. re: susancinsf

              Might want to try out the new Luau in Beverly Hills or Mako also in Beverly Hills on S. Beverly Drive, both created by Mako Tanaka, yet the former is new, Polynesian, etc., while the latter is well established, yes Asian from a Japanese perspective, yet his creations are head and shoulders above most of the competition, and prices are fairish. Not sure what NYE may be like, yet cannot imagine a standard menu issue
              Luau is 363 N. Bedford Drive
              Beverly Hills

              Mako Restaurant
              225 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

          2. re: lotta_cox

            Agree. Dining out on NYE's is not fun.

          3. How about a nice Oaxacan NY Eve extravaganza? Very close to the eastern border of Santa Monica on Santa Monica Blvd. you will find Monte Alban. Casual, inexpensive and delicious.

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            1. re: Servorg

              I'm also looking for somewhere to go with my sister and her children (20 and 17) on NYE. Will be staying in Hollywood or W Hollywood area (happy to adjust hotel choice to be near good restaurant actually) . Don't mind paying for a taxi as I'd prefer to have a few strong drinks but none of us are really into New Year particularly so just looking for a good place to go without need for a special NYE vibe. Thinking of about $50 a head but could go lower/ higher for the right kind of place.
              Any tips gladly received

              1. re: biffchan

                Mmmm. I just ate at Tasca last night, a small Spanish restaurant with many other influences in the menu. It is an adorable restaurant, great food and good service. I imagine on NYE they will not have the same level of psychotic revelry as many larger spots. Look into it. It's on 3rd, just west of Fairfax. I recommend it.

                1. re: lotta_cox

                  So... Monte Alban looks like a good bet, but does anyone have a suggestion for Middle Eastern food, which we sadly lack up here?

                    1. re: Servorg

                      Is it necessary to stay on the West Side? Is driving insane? This is for before midnight... but what if it were close to midnight?
                      Thanks for all the help!
                      I'd love to broaden my options.

                      1. re: Oakland Barb

                        Driving should be fine anytime after about 8 PM or so.

                        1. re: Servorg

                          Just stay away from sunset & hollywood & santa monica blvds.

            2. I know some people will cringe because its a chain restaurant but Houston's in Santa Monica fits your requirements. Not too expensive, casual, good food, good atmosphere and good location (right near 3rd st. promenade where you could walk to shop or grab a drink before or after) and not prix fixe. You definitely need to make a reservation for New Years. Its always packed no matter what night of the week you go but especially that night. They don't have a special menu or raise prices or anything for New Years. Upstairs they have sushi too - which I have never eaten there but I have heard its decent. It can get loud depending on when you go, but its a great, easy, decent place to go when you are looking for a good night out on New Years without the scene. Yes, stay on the West Side - it will just make the night easier. For special dining there are so many - on the West Side I recommend Melisse - but it will cost you and arm and leg!

              1. has a listing of places with New Year's Eve diners