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Nov 12, 2008 05:21 PM

Takeout fresh gnocchi?

My husband and I are craving fresh, homemade gnocchi to take out and cook at home. Can't stand the vacuum-sealed packages sold at most stores. Have tried Russo's in Watertown (no gnocchi) and Basta Pasta in Cambridge (no takeout)... before I strike out again, where can we go to get fresh gnocchi?

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  1. I got some recently at Bella Ravioli in Medford. I know they are made fresh on site but I think they might be frozen in plastic bags but they are definitely not vacuum packed.

    1. dave's fresh pasta in davis square. and i'm pretty sure capone's, close to davis square and some other locations as well.

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        I thought of Dave's too, but a call would be in order first, as I don't see gnocchi available on their website - lots of ravioli tho'.

        1. re: Taralli

          Dave's doesn't make its own gnocchi but it does sell them. They're not very good. I believe Capone's are vacuum packed and aren't terribly good either. I'd vote for Bella over those two.

          1. re: Velda Mae

            sorry i misread--i thought the OP was looking for stuffed raviolis, not gnocchi.

            1. re: autopi

              LaBella's in West Medford has frozen homemade-type ravioli (not vacuum packed). They actually may get them from Bella's in S. Medford.

      2. I think they are already cooked, but the takeaway gnocchi (with wild mushroom cream sauce) from Sportello on Congress St. are the best around if they are 10% as good as the ones served in the restaurant - about $16 per serving.

        1. I have the same issue with the vacuum-packed gnocchi, and I have found that the easiest solution is to make them myself. I use the Cook's Illustrated recipe, and my Italian-born husband completely approves.

          1. I believe that Monica's on Salem St. in the North End sells fresh gnocchi. I haven't tried it, but I recall seeing them there.