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Dec 1, 2003 09:11 PM

La Fonda Restaurant in Baja

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Does anyone have any current info on a restaurant, La Fonda, in Baja, Mexico? It's about an hour or so past the San Ysidro border (km 58 on the free road) and has (or had) wonderful food and a great view. I had heard that the owner wanted to retire and it was possibly closed. Thanks.

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  1. Here's a link to a recent review that I posted on the California board, where this geographic area is discussed.


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      torta basilica

      I just spoke with Dymitri yesterday - all is fine. He had to close the original restaurant due to labor problems, but has reopened a new one at the site of his house, which was just north of the hotel. I've heard an even better balcony (same view) than before & will be checking it out in a few weeks. can't wait...

      1. Hi all, sorry to interrupt, but posts on countries outside the US and Canada belong on the International Board. Please repost this message there -- we'll remove it from the LA board (to keep this board LA-centric) once you've done so. Much appreciated!

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          torta basilica

          You don't undetstand - those of us who have grown up in SoCal think Baja is our back yard!

        2. La Fonda is alive & well, as stated, now in the renovated home of the owner (Dimitri) & his wife. Location has moved about 50 yards to the north. Very authentic sunday brunch on the patio with incredible view.
          Take the 'Playa la Mision' exit off the cuota.

          1. It's open, and Dymitri is back. ;)