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Nov 12, 2008 05:18 PM

breakfast/brunch in Alphabet City

ideas, please, for the best place to brunch in this area? much thanks! (a nice ambience would be a plus!)

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  1. The best breakfast is two doors south of 'Alphabet City' at Clinton Street Baking Company on Clinton St, which is Ave B south of Houston St.

    Otherwise, Cafe Mogador is good. totally different though.

    1. For weekend brunch options, on/east of Avenue A only:

      You have a few options, Clinton Street is of course great if you can stand the line.

      Otherwise, I'd do Westville East, EU (very sleek interior), Cafe Mogador, Pylos (also a great atmosphere although slightly west of Avenue A), or Kate's Joint.

      I might try Back Forty (although the menu is tiny and I've heard so-so reviews). I have also heard good things about Grape & Grain and Esperanto but I live on the western side of the EV and have neglected to get over there.

      1. Paprika (Italian) has one of my favorite brunches in the city. Yuca Bar(Latin), Casimir(French) and Pylos(Greek) all have very good brunches as well.