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Nov 12, 2008 04:56 PM

Manhattan on Pearl morphs into Stella Blu (Nashua NH)

Nashua Telegraph had an article today about new ownership at the former MoP--it's now called Stella Blu, continuing the tapas and cocktails theme. Best news though: Jared, "Nashua's unofficial 'mixologist'" will be heading up the bar.

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  1. The owner of MOP, Lisa, was awful!! I hope she is not involved w/ the new venture. Good riddance! Jared on the other hand is great and a customer favorite. I know he'll make the bar scene at least a good place.

    1. Ok then, let's say hooray to new management! And hooray that Jared's at the bar!

      1. Interesting bit of news. While, anything, ANYTHING replacing MOP should be an improvement, color me skeptical about the cocktails. The fact that they're calling it a "martini list" doesn't usually bode well: a conical glass with sweet ingredients does not a martini make. Furthermore, If this is the same person responsible for the "Unums" list -- which I just checked out for the first time -- tutti fruiti and overpriced "-tinis" that IMO are the current scourge of NH bars might turn out to be their specialty. But I digress, I should withhold my judgement until I see a menu (theirs isn't up yet) or hear early reports.

        Oh, and as an aside: what's with the pattern of NH nightspots ripping off Blue/Blu-suffix names from other locales? Upon googling "Stella Blu", a well-established resto in Philly was the top result. Isn't that a problem? In Manchester, there was a nightclub that opened its doors as "Whiskey Blue" a few years ago and were subsequently forced to change their name when faced with a lawsuit by the owners of the name... who were already operating bars of the same moniker in W Hotels. Though the name "Stella Blu" isn't all that catchy, let's hope they don't have to change it to "SB's"! ; )-

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          Now that you mention it, isn't there a Patisserie Blu in downtown Nashua?

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              Patisserie Bleu Should be Bleue, feminine, to agree with Pattisserie, feminine.

            2. re: AbeFroman

              In Portsmouth there used to be Blue Strawberry.

              Now, there's Pesce Blue and the Blue Mermaid.

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