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Nov 12, 2008 04:27 PM

London : Trip to London In January, Nobu, Aikens, Wareing.

Planning a trip to London in January in order to do some eating, I was over a few weeks ago and managed to go to Tom Aikens for lunch which was fantastic and Pied a Terre for dinner which also very very good but not stunning. This time around it looks like Marcus Wareing for Dinner, I want to make it to TA for lunch again and want to go to Nobu so thats on the list along with Petersham Nurseries. Any recommendations or suggestions? When is the best time to go to Nobu and whats the best thing to do in terms of ordering?

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  1. Tom aikens is certainly fantastic value for lunch , though lacks culinary fireworks unless you go for the a la carte of course .
    If youve managed to attain a table for Marcus wareing then well done to you , its no mean feat ! Its a great room with lovely food combined with fantastic service , a real experience of pampered decadence and well worth it .
    As regards petersham nurseries , i live in the west end but to give my wife a well earned rest i took our little one year old daughter down to richmond this summer and came across the petersham nurseries . Its a lovely spot , has great novelty value as its almost unique , at least in London anyway , eating lunch in the middle of a garden centre with all manner of lovely smells and aromas . However - it really is a summertime venue for me , when its cold and wet as it most likely will be when you are back in london it just wouldnt be the same , but thats just my personal opinion .
    As for nobu , its long had its day , i much prefer Umu , far more stylish inside , unfortunately with prices to match but great kyoto style food .
    For great quality food at wonderful prices but without the pazazz in decor of other top end restaurants in london i recommend Chez bruce . I wouldnt have recommended it usually to a tourist as its quite a way, but as youre willing to go to petersham nurseries , Chez bruce is a lot closer to central london than richmond .

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      I agree with your opinion on Petersham, I have a friend working there who finishes soon after i just want to eat there again before he leaves.

      As for nobu i guess the attraction is just that I have never been before and want to get it over and done with. But if Umu is as good as sounds maybe I should just give Nobu a miss?

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        I must admit my personal view of Umu is somewhat polarised . I certainly know people that dont see umu as particularly special , but i find im extremely hard to please and i was blown away at Umu .However on both occasions i went , there was effectively nobody paying the bill so we really got to get the absolute best of an extremely expensive restaurant . It is not somewhere you can cut corners , even their set menus are astronomic . Ive actually only been there twice whereas ive been to nobu (in different locations ) at least 30 times . This is not through choice but , as a young assistant some years ago , my american boss would only ever go to Nobu , so i became rather familiar with the place (mostly the one on park lane ) . The 1st time i ate there i must admit the food was different and tasty , and hence more exciting than anything id ever experienced , but i put that down to having no other experience at the time to compare it to . Yes nobu is full of A list celebrities ( and b , c , d ) but whilst the now formulaic food is very good , the venue looks like a fancy-ish mcdonalds .
        Ive had better food in tokyo , but in my personal opinion Umu is the best in london .

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          Umu would be an excellent choice - far better than Nobu certainly - but you might also consider Aaya ( or Soseki (


          Enjoy Marcus Wareing!

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            I'd probably give Nobu a miss (unless you are after celeb-spotting) and head to Roka. The refurbed River Cafe is also worth a visit as is Le Cafe Anglais, despite being in a shopping centre in Bayswater never disappoints.

      2. Be sure and book the Petersham Nuseries far in advance. They usually have a very long, waiting time.

        1. Marcus Wareing was the best meal of my life. By all means try to secure a reservation here. I went there with my husband in June and we're still talking about it. Click the link to read my review (I wrote about it over several entries).... Enjoy!

          1. Definitely a no on nobu - service has gone downhill...

            1. I have booked Marcus Wareing for dinner on the saturday, (was thinking umu on the sunday for lunch but they are closed so im heading to St John instead) and then was thinking of in fitting in a sneaky lunch before heading home on the monday im thinking maze as tom aikens is closed for lunch.