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Nov 12, 2008 04:03 PM

Nantucket Bay Scallops

Just picked up a pound of these gems from the sea at Whole Foods at $30 lb. I was looking for cooking ideas, but the chowpolice moved my recipe request.

So in keeping with the 'rules' anyone know of any boston restaurants that are offering nantucket scallops on their menu's or as specials. They just came into season. I would love to try some chef preperations.

I tried them seared in butter over angel hair with a drizzle of truffle oil. I also served them with pureed celery root and brussle sprouts and leaves browned in butter and garlic with a drizzle of a Le Creme Chardonney/lemon buerre blanc.

So what restaurants are featuring these morsels of heaven from the sea????

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  1. Locke Ober generally has them in season..lightly broiled in butter,white wine and light bread crumbs.

    Clio usuually has them..more creatively prepared.

    1. Last year my parents were in a quest for these right around Christmas. It was hard to find them on local menus, but we were able to find them at Summer Shack.

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        Last year, Barbara Lynch did them in a steel ramekin with lemon, cream, and buttered lemon-ized bread crumbs at B&G Oysters. @#$^@ incredible.

      2. This year Nantucket Scallops didn't open until last night. A lot of people have been subsituting inferior Martha's Vineyard or Cape Bay scallops and calling them Nantuckets. Big difference.

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        1. re: Richard Hurts

          Perhaps authorities could alert whole foods if they are selling what are local but not Nantucket scallops? I am so looking forward to the season. Cafe Bella in randolph usually offers them.

          1. re: Richard Hurts

            We may need to do a tasting comparison to decide whether Cape, Nantucket, or MV scallops are "better"..sort of like the steak discussion..:)

            1. re: 9lives

              Neptune usually has them as a crudo special.

          2. Didn't order them, but we saw them on the menu at Marliave today.

            1. There's an article in WSJ today on Nantucket Bay Scallops. It listed B&G Oysters (Scallop preparation: Served as a special; preparation varies) and Uni Sashimi Bar (Scallop preparation: On the half shell with fruit verjus, wasabi caviar and arugula flowers)