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Nov 12, 2008 03:43 PM

ISO Cheese Steak after Thanxgiving

We are traveling from MA to PA for Thanksgiving and plan to go to the Mutter Museum on Friday, the day after. We would like to have lunch somewhere with the best that Philly has to offer in terms of cheese steak...any place worth visiting within walking distance from the museum? Thanks!

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  1. The Mutter is around 22nd & Market. Slim pickings of cheesesteak shops in walking distance of that. Near the Franklin Museum, around 20th and Cherry, there's a decent pizza/steak shop.

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    1. re: cheesewit

      That shop I was talking about: Little John's. Worth the walk over.

    2. The simple answer is unfortunately no; however, if you're driving back to MA, you could stop by one of the 3 (maybe 4 now?) Steve's locations on your way home as they're in the north east section of Philadelphia, and well worth the extra time. That said, I strongly suggest you stop in the Reading Terminal Market for a DiNic's roast pork sandwich instead (as well?). Or perhaps try your luck in there, but with the recent closing of Rick's Steaks, I don't know if there's a good steak joint in the complex currently.

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        Dang. Is the spot empty where Rick's was or did someone else move in?

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          DiNic's is not open on Sundays in the RTM. Only about 2/3 of the merchants are open on Sundays. And, no one has taken over the space Rick's vacated.

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            They are going Friday...
            If you are getting in the car I'd go to John's Roast Pork at Front and Snyder and have a cheessteak and a Roast Pork sandwich (with Rabe and provolone). Open til 2 pm, easy access back to 95

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              Yeah. I have no idea where I started thinking about Sunday. Sorry about that. I'll still go with my original pick as that's in walking distance as jillian indicated.

        2. Joe's Pizza has great cheesesteaks. I think its 16th & chestnut or something like that. If you're driving, stop in northeast philly at Steve's Prince of Steaks on the way to and from Philly.

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            sorry to say, was at Steve;s in the NE a few eeks back and the cheesesteak ain;t what it used to be. Very thin. Not worth the drive. Check out Puge's in Bluse Bell. Much better!