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Nov 12, 2008 03:12 PM

All Mom wants is a carrot cake

I've made them in the past (and would really prefer a bakery cake!) but since it's Mom's 80th birthday, she deserves homemade.

The recipes I've used have produced an overly moist and sometimes oily cake. I want one that is most, but with a more cakey texture. And while cream chese frosting is great, other, lighter suggestions would be appreicated.

Thanks to all in advance.

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  1. Alton Brown's carrot cake is a cakey carrot cake and moist but not overly so or oily.

    I made it w/ a pineapple cream cheese frosting. You could try a thin layer of browned sugar frosting. But the cake is good enough to have on its own.

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      I made this last night, used Greek yogurt instead of plain. I cut down on the oil by using 6 oz VOLUME of oil instead of 6 oz (by weight) that is called for. (I hate oily carrot cakes, too.) You might try to substitute some butter as well.

      Try mascarpone cheese instead of cream cheese.

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        I usually use Ina Garten's recipe, which I like a lot, but my nephew requested a pineapple-free cake so I thought I'd give Alton's a try. It was excellent.

        Like jayken, I used liquid measure for the wet ingredients, which means only 3/4 cup oil. The cake was plenty moist but not at all greasy. It has plenty of spice even though it doesn't call for much. I added 1 cup toasted chopped pecans and 3/4 cup raisins. I might add 1 teas. vanilla next time, but otherwise I'll stick with Alton's recipe.

        I made an extra 1/2 recipe of frosting, baked the cake in my 9" spring-form, and split it so I could frost the middle. Two 9" cake pans would work, too.

      2. I really love Joy of Cooking's carrot cake.

        I can't help you with the frosting because, well, I believe cream cheese frosting is a must on carrot cake.

        1. Tish Boyle's The Cake Book has the BEST carrot cake I've made ever.

          1. Sorry, but your OP jus' don' soun' rite'. I grew up in the 1970's. Back then, carrot cake was ALWAYS, as you say, moist-oily-cream-cheesey. Then, in the 1980's, in the wake of nouvelle cuisine as re-invented by the Trois Grois Bros and Micheal Girard, all effort went into 'lightening up' traditional heavy, caloric desserts with disastrous consequences.
            Now: if your mum wants an original, traditional carrot cake that she had as a child, go with the previous JOC reference.
            OTOH, if your mum wants an up-to-date-hoity-doity-low-cal-low-fat carrot cake recipe-with-out-cream-cheese-frosting, I admit defeat.
            [sigh]. did I mention that the first thing I cooked on my own as a college student was the carrot cake recipe from JOC? [cheescake was the second].

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              I don't even know if the JOC recipe would be considered oily or moist by the OP, I just know that it's delicious.

            2. how can carrot cake made with grated carrots have a cake-y texture?

              carrot cake is one of my absolute favorite cakes. imo, i've gotta have cream cheese and nuts for the frosting.

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                I think of carrot cake as an excuse to eat a lot of cream cheese frosting.

                1. re: chowser

                  chowser, i'm right there with ya!!

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                    me too lol carrot cake is a cream cheese frosting delivery vehicle ;)