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Nov 12, 2008 03:11 PM

looking for good bbq,annapolis md. area

has anyone found a good bbq sandwich(pulled pork) i;ve tried adams,expressway,riddlers and others and would rate them so so,i almost had a good one 2yrs. ago at the a.a. county fair,their was a catering business their called 2-guys & a grill,I thought their sandwichs were pretty good.haven't tried the kbq in bowie that everyone is talking about yet thanks leafman

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  1. Maybe I am a BBQ snob. Lived here all my life, tried a lot of places and have not had anything other than so-so BBQ. Sad to say, but you need to head for NC.

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      jr lived here all my life too,last time i had good bbq was from carr brothers bar and feed store where annapolis mall is uhm 45 yrs. ago. anybody tried that tongues of fire bbq they had at a church in davidsonville in oct. thanks leafman

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        Leaf man, Carr Bros... wow your memory is pretty good! The sad state of MD BBQ is that Marylanders think pit beef is BBQ. I think it is a Baltimore thing. I must say done right its good eats, but isn't BBQ.

        and BTW, Lucinda, strickly speaking, chicken is not actually BBQ either. Yeah, I know we all call a Weber Grill a barbeque, and if we cook something on it -- its "Barbeque" (used as both a noun and verb). real BBQ is pork, slow cooked at relatively low temps for a long period of time -- like 12+ hours for a pork shoulder. The slow cook renders out most of the the fat in the pork and that fat combines with the fire & wood smoke and further flavors it too, making the magic of BBQ happen.

        And you should also note that properly done --- true pork BBQ has less fat content than that of grilled chicken! This particularly true with todays leaner modern hogs -- bred and fed to be healther. Todays pork is probably better for you all around than those hormone & chemical laden, over fattened chickens (who knows what they are fed) sold in the groceries today.

    2. In Bowie there is KBQ on Rt. 450. They have been reviewed by WaPo and the Washingtonian too. I really like them but then I don't eat pork, just chicken.

      1. I the only thing I can think of that hasn't been mentioned yet is Pit Boys on Chinquapin Round Rd. I had a pulled pork sandwich there last week. Good, not fantastic. It hits the spot when I'm in the mood for that sort of thing. Honestly, I think their best menu item is the sliced pork sandwich.

        1. good bbq in md. is hard to come by, and i mean real southern bbq, there is a spot in baltimore city , but they only cook on weekends and they have there own bbq pits and use only wood to cook with but there pulled pork is to die for. Not sure that they have a name but will try and get info, and if so I will post it.

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              kbq stopped by today,pulled pork&baked beans if i had to rate it also ran nobody home leafman

            2. re: timblebees

              Let me see, Baltimore........Alabama BBQ, or depending on your flavor buds, Big Bad Wolf right up the road from Alabama's more tasty offerings. Nothing else near Annapolis comes even close to my fav KBQ down in Bowie. The issue for some here is eat and taste with your mouth, not your eyeballs. For the most consistent middle of the road pulled pork, RHB or Famous Dave's will do every time. And both have great potato salad.

            3. Its all about if you like tomato or viniger taste. but for 2 years in a row, Famous Daves BBQ has won a BBQ cook off where all the big folks go. Everyone else in the contest was local mom and pops joints. Get the half feast on a trashcan lid and take much home for about 30 dollars.