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Nov 12, 2008 03:07 PM

Venice - Anniversary Dinner

My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary in Venice in 2 weeks. We are there for 3 days (Sun-Tues) as part of 2 weeks in Italy. I am hoping to get advice on a restaurant for our anniversary dinner, which is on Tuesday.

We have been to Venice a couple of years ago, and plan to return to Al Covo and Osteria Oliva Nera for dinner on the other two nights we are in town. We loved both restaurants on our first trip!

Also, any suggestions on places for lunch during our stay would be helpful! Thanks!

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  1. If you do a search for Venice on this board you should find the answers to all of your questions and be able to narrow things down, then ask here if you have questions about specific restaurants.

    1. Quadri would be an excellent choice.

      1. Whatever you do, don't go to Alle Testiere.

        Vecio Fritolin near the San Stae vaporetto stop is good and the osteria Al Garanghelo for a reasonably priced lunch.

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        1. re: Tuscanlover

          You're blasting Alle Testiere in every thread. Why?

          1. re: Ericandblueboy

            I have been there. The food is not worth the inflated price and the staff do not understand customer service.

        2. It's not in Venice, but Verona, just across the bridge - and worth the ride.

          Antica Bottega del Vino.
          3 Vicolo Scudo di Francia

          This is a quaint and charming spot that is really hopping as the night grows later. Outstanding food and wine, but in a bustling atmosphere that feels very authentic, not quiet and posh.


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            Verona has got be be at least a 45-minute train ride from Venice. It is a 15-minute walk from the Verona train station to Bottega del Vino.

            That being said, Verona is well worth a visit if you can tear yourself away from Venice!

            1. re: 2ndToNone

              Good Lord !!!! Verona? You've got to be kidding.

              Didn't you read that they were wantted suggestions for a dinner in VENICE?

              1. re: toitoi

                OK, so Verona isn't Venice. It would be my preferred choice for a great dinner in the area versus the overpriced mediocrity served up in so many Venitian places. I lived in VR and have returned often for the past 20 yrs and have met many customers for dinners in Venice on many occasions. It's 45mins to 1hr door to door from Piazza Bra (VR) to Piazza San Marco (VZ) via car, including parking and private water taxi. OP and spouse could easily do the reverse, leaving VZ at 6 and being at their table in VR at 8 when most places open and back to their place in VZ before 12. Could be a great evening.

                Bottega del Vino is a great place with the one of the best cellars & wine service in the world, yep, the world. However, for an anniversary dinner, I would recommend another place in VR - Osteria la Fontanina. Small intimate setting, very, very romantic and off the tourist path.

                Be adventurous and enjoy the experience.

                buon fortuna!

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                  Thanks for the Verona tip! We are going to be landing and de-jetlagging in Verona. I had my eye on Bottega, but feel much better about it now that I have a real rec on it!

                  1. re: MFol

                    Congratulations on your anniversary and enjoy your trip!

                    While in Verona, do check out Osteria la Fontanina, if you haven't in the past. It's a 10 - 15 minute walk from Piazza Erbe (fresh market) or 20 minutes from Piazza Bra (arena). I would say it has the edge over Bottega del Vino in the kitchen and the ambiance is candle lit and serene.


                    Bottega del Vino attracts a lot of locals, business peeps and tourists. The result is that it can get quite boisterous as the evening progresses and the wine from their bottomless cellar is enjoyed! :)

            2. The hand written sign outside the Antiche Carampane reads NO PIZZA, NO LASAGNE, NO TOURIST MENU. This simple statement is not meant to deter tourists as the staff were welcoming and friendly but rather to nail their colours honestly to the mast. Seafood is the stock in trade of this delightful restaurant close to the Rialto Bridge in a neighborhood where premises were used for the ancient trade of prostitution from the 13th century. No longer I hasten to add !
              Live soft shell crabs were brought to the table for our perusal and the fried fish was some of the best we had ever tasted, light, crisp and fragrant. Lunch here had the atmoshphere of a tipical local eatery rather than a place just catering to tourists as can often happen in Venice.