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Nov 12, 2008 03:04 PM

New Year's Eve in Nice

Does anyone have a suggestion for dinner in Nice on Dec 31, 2008? I have a reservation at Le Chantecler but I have just discovered that one of my party does not eat fish(!). I don't believe the a la carte menu is available that night so I am looking for other options. Some place in the old town perhaps? BTW, I would prefer not to pay Chantecler prices but thought it would be fun to try. Most of my party is in their 20s, except for the old fart that's paying (me). Thanks in advance.

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  1. There's a great vegetarian/Italian restaurant called La Zucca Magica right in the port area of Nice. This is not to be compared with Le Chantecler - it's a neighborhood place with really good food, and you won't believe you're eating vegetarian. Marco, the chef, is a real character, so if you get to meet him, engage him in a little conversation and you won't be bored the rest of the evening. There's a fixed menu - everyone eats the same food, and loves all of it. La Zucca Magica was recently profiled in the NY Times -

    A bit more upscale is La Petite Maison just off the main street of the old city. We were in Nice a few weeks ago, but couldn't get into it - completely booked. So, be sure to reserve. Take a look at Fodor's review - Have a great time - Nice is my favorite city in France (not to mention my wife's birthplace!).

    1. I know its kind of late, but you may want to try something more exotic (for nice) - Indian.

      There's this nice little Indian restaurant called Delhi Belhi, and it is smack in the middle of old town (one lane behind the Cours Saleya). Don't be thrown off by their name - they are actually an award winning restaurant (5+ years straight in the Gault Millau guide - the "Michelin" guide for the locals - so to speak).

      They have a very nice New Year's eve special every year. This year's (2009) Menu is available at their website at

      Maybe you can give it a try.

      1. The Chantecler would certainly oblige if you asked them in advance to alter the menu for your non-fish eating guest.