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Dec 1, 2003 05:56 PM


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who serves up the best hot dogs in LA? Pink's? Marty's? Tail of the pup? The street vendors Downtown with their bacon wrapped rendition? WHO?

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  1. The downtown street cart vendors in the garment district used to have great hot dogs when they were using Sabrett franks. They still prepare the hot dog the same way now but thay have switched to another brand, which I believe is called Meadow Farms. It's not nearly as flavorful.

    There must be one single business that rents those carts and supplies all the hot dogs and other products to the individual vendors. They are all identical.

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    1. re: Sam D.

      they used to use sabretts!!!!? wow! sorry i missed out on that phase.

      i find the bacon wrapped renditions (found outside you nearby Hollywood watering hole/club and USC football game) to be the most filling (after a few drinks of course)


      1. re: jaydee

        What I truly miss out here are GRILLED hot dogs. One can find them all over NYC (not just @ Nathan's). I'm talking about the grilled and slightly crunchy tubes of heaven you can get at Papaya King or Gray's Papaya. With some brown mustard and kraut....just the best.

        Does anyone know where a comperable dog can be found out here?

        drooling away....


        1. re: Theo

          Although I don't mind steamed dogs, I agree that grilled hot dogs are the way to go. Thus:
          -Nathan's on Pico near Doheny is pretty close to back east
          -Weinerschnitzel (believe it or not). Their grilled all beef hot dog was a real surprise. IMHO, definitely better than most of the other suggestions, and definitely superior to Pink's.
          -Jody Moroni's hot dogs are grilled I believe
          -Johnny's in Culver City - chargrilled and excellent
          -The Hat grills 'em, but they're split in half.

          1. re: Les

            Les -

            good tips all. Thanks. I also forgot that I can see the famed Papoo's Hot Dog Show in Toluca Lake from my office window. They do a decent grilled dog as well (and their well done fries just rock).

            1. re: Theo

              i wasn't too impressed with the hot dog at papoo's, though it might have been because i had too many fixin's. i was however, pleased with their fried zucchini

              1. re: jaydee

                Try the beef hot dog at Papoo's which is very good, although I think a bit pricey. Yet another reason to venture to Weinerschnitzel down the street which is a much more reasonable and also very good.

            2. re: Les

              With all due respect to differing opinions, the Nathan's on Pico bears absolutely no resemblance to anything found in Coney Island (well maybe the logo). The hotdogs served on Pico do not have natural casings. The buns always seem to be borderline stale and tend to crumble in your hand. Also, unbelievably, the last time I was there I was told (after I had the hotdog in my hand) that they had run out of mustard! Now I've been known to commit a culinary crime or two in my time, but the mere thought of putting ketchup on a hot dog is unfathomable.

              The fries are great though!

              1. re: Creamfinger

                I haven't been in a couple of years, but it was pretty good back then. Still, a friend of mine from Brooklyn goes there fairly regularly and is always happy.

                1. re: Creamfinger

                  Don't forget that your hot dog cost like eight bucks or something! I went there once and just got basic combo meals for me and another and the total bill was twenty two dollars!

        2. b

          Lately, my fave has been Skooby's on Hollywood Blvd. This is a more "upscale" dog that the ones you'd find at the carts or at Pinks, but they're pretty darn tasty. I'm not crazy about their fries, but other people seem to like them a lot.

          1. For my money, it's Cupids in the Valley. They have about 4 or so stands. I was born and raised in the Valley, and have since left, but Cupids is the one reason that I will always return.

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            1. re: Tom M.

              Have to dissent on this one; the best hot dog in the valley is Rubin's Red Hot--the Big Red I think it's called, anyway a long dog on a long bun served Chicago style--peppers, cucs, bright green relish and other delicious morsels--on an onion bun.

              1. re: juny1cat

                That sounds really good. The onion bun makes it sound so good. One more thing just made my "must do" list.

                    1. re: juny1cat

                      unfortunately, Rubins is no longer there. They took it away for the new freeway exit or entrance. Sad.

                      1. re: velveteyes

                        They did, but for whatever reason, they built around it, not through, it sits vacant and depressing, a stark reminder of what it once was.

                        The Weiner Factory had the same ridiculous, frustrating fate, and it too remains vacant (NOT a pink, sorry, stinkberry) to this very day after closing December 31, 2007.

                        I miss WF tremendously, as I used to get their turkey dog, the best I ever tasted (I don't eat beef). Specially made for them, with a nice little spicy kick that was so damn tasty. Best hot dog ever, IMO.

                        Now I'm really sad. The closest places now (The Infield in SO and Fab's in Reseda) are sad replacements. Good toppings, but sadly, the turkey dogs they serve everywhere else besides WF are just plain ho-hum, boring, get the picture.

                        Any other WF turkey dog lovers feelin' my pain?

                        1. re: GK in SO

                          Never had a dog with birdmeat but I too, along with so many others miss the WF so, that said, I do feel your pain!

                          1. re: sel

                            I've notice a "Leased" sign on the building. Anyone know who they were leased to?

                            1. re: ReelMike84

                              Mike, that sign has been up for EVER (perhaps since the pinkberry deal fell through, I think around a year ago or so).

                              I have to seen that darn sign and the place all boarded up often, as I live in the neighborhood and drive by frequently. Constant, depressing reminder of what's happening all over.

                              1. re: GK in SO

                                Wow I didn't realize. I'd rather they just bulldoze the place if it is never going to actually reopen, and just end the constant sting of sadness the sight of an empty hut brings.

                  1. I don't know which brand(s) of hot dogs they will be serving, but I am looking forward to going to The Stand which is scheduled to open in Encino on December 16. Richard Shapiro, co-founder of The Grill, is one of the three partners.

                    I have included a link to the article that appeared in The Daily News.


                    1. As far as the valley goes, I like Weiner Factory. Great, steaming hot dogs and buns. Good with mustard and slaw. In the city, I like Tail of the Pup. No lines like Pink's and their extreme hot dog is awesome.

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                      1. re: Folgers97

                        I second the Weiner Factory. Also they have a great spicy polish dog, CCO*!! Yummmm.


                        1. re: LesThePress

                          I third the Weiner Factory. Red cabbage and cheese dog with mustard (easy on the mustard). I think I have eaten hundreds of these. Mmmmm. Watch for restricted hours though, not open at night.

                          1. re: Debbie

                            Another nod to Wiener Factory; wonderful snap to the dogs. But those air fries have got to go.