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Nov 12, 2008 01:24 PM

restaurants in Jamesport-any faves

seems to be some new restaurants in Jamesport, and revived ones--what do you think
Also any one been to A Mano in Mattituck?

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  1. I really enjoy Jamesport Country Kitchen.

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      I like Jamesport Country Kitchen, but I believe the same people own the Jamesport Manor. The food was fair and the prices were high. The place was very noisy because of the construction of mostly wood surfaces.


    2. I've been to Amano twice. Both times it was excellent....Very reasonable, with great food and service.

      1. Our favorites are Bayview Inn and Cliffs. I want to try A Mano, but the two people I know that went there said they were disappointed. I will try it eventually though.

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          Went to A Mano last weekend, I wouldn't say I was disappointed but not blown away either. First I have to say that the staff were very, very pleasant. But just like other Tom Shaudel restaurants: we shared a pizza, an app each, a meal each and shared the chocolate sack dessert and yet didn't feel really full. As a matter of fact, I felt the drinks a lot more than I usually do, which bothered me. Not sure what it is about his restaurants, or if it's only me. I eat everything they bring out, no doggie bags as I usually get to do other places. I guess I sound like a pig, but I'm not really; I'm a real calorie counter these days. But with that many courses, it strikes me as weird. I wanted to try everything and expected to be really full at the end.

          The other thing I've noticed is the way he plates his food. It will be described on the menu as, say, meat/risotto/veg/maybe something else, but I don't expect this to be one giant jumble of food. I really would like things a little more separate on the plate so I can taste each individually.

          I wouldn't tell anyone not to go, just don't skip lunch in anticipation! And the chef was there, so it wasn't an off night.

        2. Jamesport Country Kitchen, one of the North Fork's stalwarts and an earlier supporter of local produce and wines. Excellent simple fare, pleasant dining room.

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            I've been to Amano twice, last time in the fall. Both times I had an really good meal. While the portions weren't huge, they were enough to fill me up. Things may have changed...also I'm not sure about the pizza's...I never had one, but the family members who did weren't as thrilled with the restaurant as I was. Its not perfect...the scallops are great, the risotto too lemony...the octopus too soft and small....but the duck with radicchio was great...
            Any idea when the Farmer's Bar reopens? My family loved that place..I'm not that much of a barbecue fan, but it was fun and fairly close....

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              Next time (?) I'll try the duck, I had the scallops and they OK but nothing to talk about. The risotto had some kind of lobster oil on it and I would have loved to have had it by itself.
              I'm sure I'll hear when Farmers Bar opens and will post here immediately.