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HELP! Buffalo Wings in Philly

I need to know where the best buffalo wings in Philly can be found!! I have checked all of the threads and there were very few. How can that be with the popularity of wings and beer? I am looking to find really exceptional wings in a bar (even if it's obscure) or in a great restaurant, as long as they are crisp and delicious!

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    1. re: Gorp512

      Really? I haven't been there in 15 years, but I remember the food being mediocre.

      1. re: hillster

        The Bride & I went there in late summer so that I could have the wings (she had some kind of salad).

        The wings were very good, and were whole wings (not drum-ettes and other piece parts). The sauce had a great combination of tang, vinegar, and pepper spice. I like my wings hotter so I was a little disappointed that they only offer 1 sauce (which I would classify as a true medium or medium-plus on the hotness scale).

        I can't talk to the quality of the rest of their food.

        1. re: hillster

          The food is mediocre at best, apart from the wings. They're the only thing there worth eating.

      2. Cross the bridge and go to the Jughandle Inn on Route 73.

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        1. re: crazyspice

          2nd Jughandle. Leaps and bounds better than anything else.

          I've been to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo and I think that the Jug's are better than theirs!

          1. re: mitchh

            I have also been to the Anchor Bar. I'm sticking with the Jughandle.

        2. My husband swears by Moriarty's and Union Jack's in Manayunk. I think Moriarty's has the best blue cheese, I get extra for dipping fries!

          1. in Philly, Moriarty's and Locust Rendezvous. Over the bridge, The Jughandle on 73 or Whistler's on Rt 130.

            1. I've been looking for good wings in Philly for a while now, the closest I've found is Ed's in UCity.

              1. McMennamin's in Mt. Airy has excellent wings. I hear that Tavern on the Hill in Chestnut Hill has exceptional wings as well. Venture to the northwest!

                1. I know it's kind of divey looking but the bar Skinners on Market between 2nd and 3rd has great wings, in my opinion. Their sauce incorporates coffee and I find it pretty addictive.

                  1. I had some very fine wings at Memphis Taproom recently, in "Port Fishington." The rest of the food we had struck me as pretty mediocre, so maybe it's a Moriarty's-type situation. The beer list is pretty good, though.

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                    1. re: travelmad478

                      I second Memphis Taproom. The wings there are excellent. They use a pilsner-brine and very meaty wings, so that each bite is unbelievably succulent and satisfying. The blue cheese dip is phenomenal with large chunks of blue cheese intact. And a small order for only $7! Go there now.


                      1. re: croissantanyone

                        and i reiterate all of travelmad's review. great wings, but the rest of the food puts on airs and falls flat. the owner seemed nice at first but now i think that he is delusional. never ask his opinion on the food since his mind is making grandious adjustments.

                        also, for non-hot wings...the roasted amish wings at the reading terminal (with a side of hot dipping sauce) are cravably delicious. i haven't had them in months and just gave myself a fit thinking about them. YUM!

                        1. re: mazza3

                          I REALLY like the menu at the Memphis Taproom - if I am in the mood for fried food, which most of their menu is. The owner is incredibly obnoxious, I remember him very well from Nodding Head, but I still really enjoy the Port Richmond platter. I just have to be in a place to eat fried everything.

                          1. re: saturninus

                            I too liked the *menu*--it was just the execution of the actual food that was disappointing. We had a vastly better meal last weekend--the same type of atmosphere and along the same general menu lines--at North Third. But that is a subject for another thread.