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ISO - special birthday dinner, similar to CUT but less $$$$$

For my boyfriend's 30th, I'd like to take him to somewhere similar in special-ness to CUT but less pricey. Still willing to spend lots of money, just maybe less than $130 for a great steak. If suggesting steakhouses, not Mastro's or STK. Anywhere from Santa Monica to the Palisdaes and Hollywood to the the north to downtown and as far south as 10 fway.

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  1. BOA (SM location) or BLT Steak...I would do BOA, you can also ride (read: makeout on) the ferris wheel before or after...

    Boa Steakhouse
    101 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

    Blt Steak
    8720 West Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069

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      Huge second for BLT...I think their food is great. You make a good point with regard to Boa in Santa Monica, however. Strolling that neighborhood before or after diner is always a pleasure.

    2. how about Spago?or Craft? personally i think either of those would be more "special" than BOA, particularly for a celebration - every time i've been to either location, the attitude from the FOH hasn't exactly been warm & welcoming.

      i can't vouch for BLT Steak in LA, but i love their NYC restaurants, and we've celebrated several occasions there.

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        I second Craft... my husband took me there recently for my birthday and we had an excellent meal!

      2. Wolfgangs has great steaks! And have you seen the fancy toilets there? (no kidding)

        1. Jar and even Dan Tana's has a nice steak if you aren't looking for a steakhouse, per se. I also like Arnie Morton's on La Cienega's restaurant row.

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            I second Jar. It's one of my favorite special occasion places.

          2. Is Spago's more or less expensive than Hatfield's and Lucques, which were 2 that I was leaning towards before I thought about Spago's? Spago's online dinner menu doesn't include prices. Also, if anyone has had the 7-course tasting menu at Spago's and/or Hatfield's, can you please share your experience? Also how much is Hatfield's 7-course tasting menu? Hatfield's website doesn't post the price.

            Thanks everyone for your help!

            1. arnie mortons is a good choice. havent been to wolfgangs..but thats probably delish but a tad expensive.

              1. i have to add one more suggestion...Josie in Santa Monica. it's definitely not a steakhouse [or a "trendy, of the moment" place], but it's one of my all-time favorite restaurants, and great for special occasions.

                1. If you both want steak, the steak for 2 at Lucques is my favorite after Cut. And great wine list, too. And great atmo. I went to Lucques for every special occasion for about 5 years of my life.

                  1. For me, it really takes a lot of the fun and joy out of a celebration if I am worried about how the bill is adding up. I'd much rather go to an ethnic place and be able to order anything that struck my eye or appetite rather than be concerned about the impact on my wallet, or worse the person's treating me. Having said that, and keeping in mind that you mentioned steak, I wonder how much dinner is up to at Fogo de Chao these days? Isn't it slightly above $50 per person, including unlimited meat and buffet? OK, add beverage, wine, tip and tax and you have your tab. And Fogo does have a certain Beverly Hills elegance to it. Another idea would be Nook, which is always a great idea to me. Generous portions, very good food, fine service, and a nice vibe. The most expensive item on their dinner menu is a ribeye for $26, and everything else, including their potroast, hangar steak and frites, or other mains are $20 or less. Now, neither of these has the panache of Cut (please tell me they've taken down the portraits of Speidi on their wall) but you will have that experience to look forward to for his 40th -- ok, 35th.