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What's for dinner tonight?

Tonight I made ribs, creamed corn, homemade mac and cheese, salad, butter beans and cornbread.The little one and I are just waiting on the husband....what is on your menu?

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  1. Wow can I come over to your house? lol

    Tonight I'm going to make roast chickens rubbed with some sort of spice blend I conjure up.
    Roasted potatoes, carrots, onions, and roasted brussels sprouts
    with a mocha devils food cake.

    All what my mama requested for her bday dinner! :)

    1. leftover Lasagna I made on Sunday, maybe a bowl of cream of broccoli soup I made on Sunday as well. No time to cook anything of significance on a work night. :-(

      Allegedly Neoplotian style lasagana with meatballs, italian sausage, hard boiled eggs, ricotta, mozz, and parmesan as the layers.

      1. "meat"loaf (Ina Garten recipe but with veggie crumbles substitute for groundbeef.) And garlic braised cauliflower with capers. Paired with some Red Rock merlot- a surprise delight in the mixed case we just bought.
        I't getting cold here and time for comfort food!

        1. Ugh..don't even ask (McDonalds). Just have enough time to change out of my work clothes and be out the door again, but of course the hubby is late hence CHing. Not a good day. If I felt like eating at 11 p.m. I might take something out, but I have a feeling that I won't want anything to eat...There's always tomorrow.

          1. So far its been m&m's and potato bread (college, ugh), but I'm going to wonder down 6th Ave and see what seems appetizing...

            1. pot roast with carrots/onions, mashed potatoes with garlic, gravy...

                1. Leftover cabbage rolls....I want dessert, too!

                  1. Tonight was a clean out the fridge night. Dinner was a salad of green cabbage, onion, cilantro, jalapeno, and sour orange juice along with half a smashed sweet potato with butter and chipotles in adobo. Sounds like diet food, but dessert will be a brownie a la mexicana (fudgey brownie with cinnamon and guajillo chile, a scoop of dulce de leche ice cream and some espresso poured on top.) Maybe two servings of dessert.

                    1. We grilled this chicken yesterday and I planned to have leftovers tonight:

                      It is a fabulous marinade...I always add fresh rosemary because #1. It really tastes good in this and #2. the rosemary I planted has now become a full shrub...I should put a sign out: "come pick fresh rosemary" at the curb! Sweet potatoes and spinach will round out this healthy meal.

                      1. Pinto beans, braised collards, and biscuits

                        1. I made chicken alfredo from scratch and served it over penne because I forgot to buy any other type of pasta. We had a salad on the side with a balsamic vinaigrette and French bread from the machine. The bread collapsed but still tasted alright. I just can't get a good loaf of bread in the machine unless I buy a special bread machine mix. I quit trying for a long time and made bread by hand but it hurt my SO's feelings because he bought the machine for me.

                          1. Leftover night--faculty meeting that runneth over (and I hate to eat too late in the evening). Anyway, I had leftover bison chili that I made the other night, tossed with ww spaghetti. And a slice of the homemade cheesecake that the bf brought over Monday.

                            1. Since the Bay area is heading into a November "heatwave" according to the papers, tonight it's a big green salad with cucumber, tomato, celery, hardboiled egg, diced dill havarti cheese, all topped with a grilled and sliced marinated chicken breast.

                              1. Tonight at Casa G & G we had panini made with leftover roast turkey breast, sliced hot cherry peppers, provolone, sliced marinated tomatoes & white onion with a bunch of the most wonderful tasting potato chips.. don't remember the brand but they were organic, salt & vinegar. Delicious. Big G had a meeting so we just had a simple dinner.... suited both of us just fine.

                                1. Pork cutlets dredged in Panko, sweet chili dipping sauce, some rice pilaf and sauteed carrots w petite peas. Gettin' hungry...Adam

                                  1. shrimp scampi fra diavlo and a salad. A nice quick meal to put together after a long day of work

                                    1. Steamed white rice with cauliflower-and-potato curry and green mango dal.

                                      1. An OK, but not great, ham and navy bean soup I made in the crockpot today (the one last week, with white beans, was much better) and stout beer bread.

                                        1. Last night was a smoky broiled chicken and pork adobo with roasted garlic and sambal oelek with a side of cabbage sauteed in dill and caraway.

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                                            a multicultural eating adventure. love it!

                                          2. Last night was lightly broiled salmon filets with soy-brown sugar glaze, ginger and green onion; fried rice with ham and peas and carrots, and garlicky green beans.

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                                              have some black beans soaking in the fridge and a piece of pork butt. i'm cleaning out (making room for the turkey) the freezer so we are having some kind of a pork chili with the beans and the misc. veggies in the fridge. gonna use up that old blob of yogurt/sour cream while we at it ;)

                                            2. Rigatoni with sweet sausage and swiss chard in a garlic and olive oil sauce. Probably a small salad as well.

                                              1. had a big lunch(lobster bisque, and fried shrimp), so probably a grilled cheese, or something light for dinner. And of course tequila, and beer.

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                                                  white pizza and salad.

                                                  pumpkin whoopie pies with cream cheese frosting for dessert.

                                                  then out to an engagement party... so drinks :)

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                                                      It was awesome! I used a ball of frozen dough that rose in a bowl all day. I stretched it into the pan, let it rise and stretched it again. I brused it with olive oil and sprinkled some rosemary on top, then I baked it until it was almost ready and golden in spots. Sprinkled on shredded mozzarella and dollops of ricotta and baked until the cheese was bubbly. I'm making it again tuesday night for dinner- it was that good!

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                                                    lemon and thyme rst. game hen, frites with thai chile vinager, and jicama slaw. easy 30 min. meal washed down with blue moon winter ale.

                                                  2. Just got a shipment of seafood from Seattle, so tonight we'll feast on king salmon, halibut, Dungeness crab, and Penn Cove oysters.

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                                                      dungeness crab, and oysters, that I am jealous of.

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                                                        The crab was amazing -- I think the best I've had in my 60 years. Phone 888-222-FISH. They will cook and clean your crab and get it to you the next day. It's not cheap, but cheaper than you'd pay for crappy crab at Red Lobster. The Chinook salmon was amazing, as was the halibut, but the ohmygod fave was the crab.

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                                                          thanks for the info, I love dungeness crab.

                                                    2. last night was hubby's first night at home after being sprung following five days in the hospital (poor thing, but he's fine now)...AND it was my last week for the CSA box....so I roasted a chicken and some fingerling potatoes, along with roast beets and chopped baby leeks (from the CSA box) and a lettuce, tomato, red onion and carrot salad, also from the CSA box, other than the onion. Yes, we still had tomatoes in the box! Straus vanilla ice cream for dessert...

                                                      I don't ordinarily roast chicken on a weeknight, but this was obviously a special occaison. I served it all with a bottle of wine to celebrate being at home....hubby was pleased, of course. The contrast with the mystery meat/chicken he ate the night before was startling (though I had been smuggling him in things like good coffee, salami, cheese, snacks, and Chinese takeout, so he couldn't complain too much...)

                                                      1. Stir fry beef with broccoli and white rice. I added some big mushroom slices too. The beef was leftover from a huge roast I had gotten on sale. The gravy from the original roast turned out way too thin, but was just right to finish off the stir fry with. Perfect for a rainy thursday night in Penna.

                                                        1. I got lucky!! One my co-workers is a fellow hound-she always cooks a massive amounts of food and brings the rest to work. So tonight I am feasting on baseball-sized garlicky meatballs and crusty bread. Yum!!!

                                                          1. We slouched, Taco Time/Samurai Sams. I wanted to go out, he didn't, it was a compromise.

                                                            1. DH is on the road this week, so I kept it simple. Tuna salad with some whole wheat crackers and a tangerine. And some really good ginger candy I found for desert.....

                                                              1. Tonight I'm going to a Potluck. I'm bringing a Thai Fish Curry from David Thompson's Thai Food. Supposed to be made with scallops, but I'm making it with chunks of whatever fish I buy at the market today.

                                                                1. Last night was delicious but not the healthiest by a long shot. Fried potatoes with bacon (from hog BIL bought a while back) and onions, apple sausage (from local butcher shop) gravy, biscuits, and stewed tomatoes (from my garden). The apple sausage was delicious but the gravy was not the way to showcase the subtle flavors of apple and cinnamon.

                                                                  Tonight, I threw a pork loin roast in the slow cooker with a doctored up bbq sauce. We'll have coleslaw and baked fries with it.