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Nov 12, 2008 12:32 PM


I'm looking for a good 'Rum Cake' with chocolate icing/frostng if possible?
Back in the day 'Fedco' had the BEST Rum Cake with chocolate frosting,
layers of pineapple filling and chocolate sprinkles on the sides
with a cherry on top. It was sooooooooo good! Do you have a favorite Rum cakes? If so, where? Any location- I would be happy to give it a taste.
Thanks in advance! :~)

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  1. PORTO Bakery in Glendale

    1. My favorite rum cake is from Amy's Pastry in Montebello where the inside is a double layer of half-yellow/half-chocolate cake with the middle part having a thin layer of rum/pineapple filling and another layer of cherry filling. The outside of the cake has a light chocolate frosting with sprinkles. Their rum cake must be ordered at least one day in advance.

      1. Sorry for the delay - I just found this post. The best chocolate rum cake I've ever tasted was made by the Fairytale Bakery on Pico Blvd. in West Los Angeles (next to the Apple Pan). Someone torched the place back in the 70's and my childhood memories are all that remain. I will forever long for that cake. The Beverlywood Bakery has a choc. rum cake somewhat similar to Fairytale's, and alhough it only has one cherry, less sprinkles and lighter frosting, I recommend it. I've had rum cakes custom made at Portos, but they don't get close to this

        1. My vote goes to Claro's Italian Market in Arcadia.
          The absolute best I've had. Been eating it for 20+ years, always a treat...and well soaked!
          Although I've only had the cake in vanilla.