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Nov 12, 2008 12:27 PM

"Comfort Food" in Phila

So as the weather and the economy simultaneously take a turn for the worse, where to Chowhounds go for comfort food? I realize that what is comfort food may have something to do with what you were raised with, but it also has to do with the atmosphere it is served in (IMHO). For me, the oldJudy's was perfect for comfort food (although that wasn't always what I ordered!), but I'd like to know what places that exist now fit that bill for you! I await eager with anticipation.

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  1. It depends on what type of comfort food I'm in the mood for, but here's my list: in no apparent order

    Royal Tavern - Mac & cheese or meat loaf
    Silk City - fried chicken & jalapeno cornbread
    Bomb Bomb - chicken parm
    Genji - tempura soba

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    1. re: lawgirl3278

      Hand Drawn Noodle Soup at Nan Zhou fits the bill for me.

      1. re: bluehensfan

        in these tough times i've been all about the pizza and beer! i enjoy dock st... and recently tried out a place near rittenhouse called mix (i think). it must be new - never seen it before. good pizzas (great crust) and a laid-back bar area. i definitely dug this place!

        1. re: rabidog

          Rabidog, if you like pizza and beer... Earth Bread and Brewery (7136 Germantown Ave in Mount Airy) is another place to consider. They do "flatbread" individual pizzas, along with four house beers, along with a great number of guest beers. What I like most about their beers is they are aimed at being session beers (lower than 6 percent alcohol) along with being very flavorful. They also have good salads, rotating soups (had a tomato bisque the other day that was perfect for the cold weather) and a nice cheese plate.

          1. re: cwdonald

            :) i just went there! it was my last-night-before-going-carless date and i wanted to go somewhere i'd been hearing about but that was hard to get to via public transit. it was great! specifically i loved my dark malty beer and the seed pizza. we had a salad with goat cheese that was also very tasty. the soup of the day didn't impress so much. the margarita pizza was good, but i knew i was going to fall in love with that seed pizza from a menu i found on the internet before i even left the house. and i did!

        2. re: bluehensfan

          Actually we went a few weeks ago to Nan Zhou and it seemed to be not quite as good in the past so maybe axe that recommendation.

      2. i miss judy's too, though i can't complain about ansill. for comfort food i definitely hit up a few predictable places (and dishes):

        down home diner at reading terminal
        any place that serves good fried chicken (usually my friend jeremy's house :D )
        cucina forte's maria's dream soup
        pasta dishes at dante and luigi's
        chicken and waffles and toad in the hole at a full plate (liberties walk)
        brown betty's cupcakes
        naked chocolate cafe's hot chocie (AZTEC!)
        pizza from marra's (i know, not the best, but memories of my youth are hard to escape)
        nick's roast beef

        ok, i'll stop. i had taco bell for lunch and should NOT be getting hungry again. :D

        1. any time driving through Philly, soft pretzels.

          nothing better to 'hit the spot', especially the Amish ones when they are cooking them fresh. Their hard pretzels are no joke either.

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          1. re: yankeefan

            pretzels!!!! mmmmm. so good.....

            1. re: mazza3

              I would say any pub food (bangers and mash, shepherd's pie, etc.) are comfort foods!

          2. Shrimp dumpling noodle soup from Sang Kee.

            1. MMM--barbeque meat loaf at Sam's Grill in Wynnewood~