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Nov 12, 2008 11:49 AM

Looking for Disneyworld Suggestions

New England chowhound here looking for some advice. We will be escaping the cold this winter, visiting Disneyworld for a few days. We have three nights for dinner and want to stay "on property." Our usual three are Victoria and Albert's, California Grill and Blue Zoo. Someone has recommended Wave, on the first floor of the Contemporary. What's the feeling on the board? Is Wave better than any of our three default choices? Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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  1. Haven't been to the Wave...somehat mixed reviews at the sight below.

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      I guess the mouse needed a healthy quisine place. i heard the concourse steak house was good. Most of the reviews of the concourse were good. Why would they wanna kill a good thing?

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        Wave was good, idk about better. Kouzzina is amazing, or Raglan Road.

      2. I'm not a fan of the Wave. I've visited four times in the course of doing a full review, and I think it falls short of its goals. The entrance to the space, which used to be an employee lounge and a video arcade, is a neon-lighted tunnel that is supposed to give the effect of going through the curl of a wave. The lounge is attractive and chic. But the dining room gives the impression of a coffee shop at a Motel 6.
        Appetizers were downright disappointing, Crab cakes had too much filler, lettuce wraps had little pebble-sized pieces of lamb ($11.99, thank you very much).
        The Wave is riding the ecological, um, wave, so it isn't simply the fish of the day but rather the sustainable fish of the day. (Along the ecological lines, the entire wine list, save for the sparkling wines, is comprised of screwcap bottles.)
        The fish was the best thing I sampled, a halibut with a nice crisped crust.
        Service has the appropriate Disney perkiness, but timing was way off on all of my visits, though that was probably more the fault of the kitchen than the service staff.
        Have you considered replacing bluezoo with Flying Fish Cafe?


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          I had a bad experience at Flying Fish a few years ago. Service was spotty and food was uneven but that's a possibility. Thanks for the update on Wave.

        2. If you're staying on property, you should consider adding Jiko to your rotation. Its awesome and unique.

          Of course, you could just go to V&A all three nights.

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            To accomplis that, I'd have to get a second mortgage and the market for housing loans just isn't what it used to be. :-)

          2. Heading to Disneyworld for the first time next week. Will have a 5 year old with us but I'll also have some time to myself at Epcot or wherever I choose to go. Looking for updated food recs. Appreciate any input. Thanks

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              Via Napoli, Le Cellier, Spice Table...

            2. In any case don't get your hopes up for any "great" dining experiences.