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Nov 12, 2008 11:09 AM

Calcots in LA? (Grown or Planting Stock)

Having falling in love with Bourdain's recent Spain episode, I am looking for a place to purchase Calcots. Separate from the finished product, I would love to find some root stock to grow my own calcots as well.

Any information is greatly appreciated fellow Chowhounds!!


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  1. I've never seen any. Usually if I'm having a Calcotada then I use Fresh spring onions (sometimes called 'mexican onions') or Japanese Negi (from Mitsuwa). Both are good.

    G/L in your search.

    1. Any farmers' market in spring. Sadly it's not spring. You can get by with extra-large scallions in the meantime.

      1. I don't think anybody grows those babies here, after i saw the Spain episode i just followed the instructions the farmer named Angel gave. there is actually some growing here in my backyard, can't wait to grill those babies and dunk them is romesco sauce. Hell yeah!!!

        1. you won't need a special rootstock. calcots are basically green onions that have undergone a special, manipulative growing process that takes about two full growing seasons to reach full maturity. check out Coleman Andrews excellent "Catalan Cuisine" for a discussion of growing calcots, throwing calcotadas, and the proper sauces and accompanying dishes (as no proper Spanish meal would stop after the namesake dish!)

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            Thank you all for the great information!