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Nov 12, 2008 11:03 AM

Premium Steak Advice

Celebrating a close friend's birthday this week and looking for a great cut of meat (porterhouse). Short of lucking out and finding an unmarked prime steak at are my choices:

1. Savenor's: Dry Aged Prime, $32.99 per pound.

2. Wholefoods: Dry Aged Choice, $17.99 per pound.

3. Dewars: Black Angus Steer Beef, $14.99 per pound. I got confused when talking to the meat guy here (am unsure if he knew his stuff). He claims that their Black Angus is in the top 5% of all meat sold(and the top grade of Black Angus)...but is not rated Prime. He claimed that they have sold this for years and it is great.

4. Costco: Choice, $6.99 per pound.

Of course, I could just go for the most expensive option (Savenor's), but am willing to (and happy to) go with another option based on CH members' advice.

Thank You.

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  1. Most people can't really tell the difference between choice and prime (that's why steakhouses that serve choice do so well) so I would lean toward the WFM steak if you know that you like dry-aged beef. Don't buy John Dewar's claim. If you don't care about dry-age, then the Costco steak is fine. I, however, would make a trip to the new butcher shop/fish store in Concord and get a porterhouse there.

    If you can, get some actual brand names from your sources and I can elaborate. Wholefoods will probably be Meyer's (who bought Coleman's.) Savenor's and Costco will likely be IBP or National or Tyson, etc. Dewar will have some Angus program owned by one of the conglomerates. Also, for Dewar's, find out if the USDA regulates his angus program. Then you can look it up online and see the real requirements.

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    1. re: almansa

      Hey almansa, I must have missed the Concord butcher/fish opening. What did it replace, and do you know how the fish is and if it is over-the-top expensive? Thanks.

      1. re: bear

        I believe it's called Concord Prime & Fish, and I'm told that the fish is pristine. I believe it based on the scope and vision of the market. I'm afraid, though, that they are too ambitious, or idealistic, in thinking that the public wants all they have to offer in such a small town (expensive beef, game, offal, etc.)

        1. re: almansa

          Mike is a great guy and passionate about food..much like us. I've been buying fish from his family for years and it is really pristine. I knew he 's wanted to open a shop but haven't been there.

          I wish him the best of luck in his new venture and hope the local community supports him.

          1. re: 9lives

            I'll stop by on my way home from work sometime in the next week or so and report back.

    2. I've always had great luck wtih Dewar's porterhouse. That said, I don't remember it being that cheap, so perhaps whomever you spoke with didn't know what he was talking about (which would be incredibly disappointing; I hold that place in such high regard).

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      1. re: Blumie

        The best tasting steak I have found in years, is what Trader Joe's calls their "tri-tip" steak. Not expensive, but every time we've had it, nothing but positive feedback from all eaters.

      2. My $.02 on your options, plus one to consider...

        Dewar's is usually excellent, however I got some dry aged NY sirloin there last week that was fine, but really nothing special. Just one bad datapoint out of countless, but something to consider particularly if you have to go out of your way to get there. In my experience, the butchers at Dewars do know their stuff. Which shop did you speak with?

        The meat at Savenor's is pricey (probably unnecessarily so), however it is always outstanding. I don't cook steak at home too often, so I am might be willing to pay that for REALLY good friend.

        WF: No complaints about their dry aged beef. IMO the dry aged factor trumps the choice vs prime.

        Costco: The meat is fine, even pleasantly surprising (you got this at Costco for how much??). However it is far from consistently outstanding. Not really special occasion worthy.

        One additional suggestion is Fresh Pond Market. I am not sure what their beef is graded (probably choice), however we have been going there at the suggestion of a few friends. In addition to the personalized old school service, the beef has been delicious. They cut to order and will special order if they don't have what you want. Not sure that they have porterhouse 100% of the time or if they have time to get it at this point, but give them a call. If you don't try them now, definitely give them a whirl in the future. Nice to support an independent local business as well. Value here definitely blows Dewars or Savenor's away (they have excellent product, but I am sometimes ashamed to get gouged like that).

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        1. re: Gabatta

          Here is the location information...

          Fresh Pond Market
          360 Huron Ave, B Cambridge, MA

          1. re: Gabatta

            You are absolutely correct Fresh Pond Market is worth your while. I have been buying my meat from them for thirty years . Crosby is one of the owners and runs the butcher department. They always have porter house and it 's grade is Black Angus.

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          2. I've had nothing but great luck with the choice cuts from Costco. Depending on how you'll be cooking it (I'm assuming you'll be grilling it), my recommendation would be to go with the Costco steak, and put the rest of the $$ towards a great cabernet, where you'll get much more bang for your buck.

            1. The best steak I ever bought in the Boston area was at the Lexington Farmers Market, from River Rock Farm:

              I bought a bone-in strip steak. I remember being very dubious - it was extracted, fully wrapped in opague white paper, from a picnic cooler. But it was incredibly, incredibly good.

              Though located in central Mass, they sell at a number of the local farmers markets (all finished now, except for Somerville, unfortunately). Their web site says that they will deliver, and that several Boston area stores carry their beef.

              I'm not sure exactly what their current status is (their original "driving force" tragically passed away a couple of years ago). It's probably not a practical solution for a dinner you're planning for this week, but I thought it worth mentioning, if only for future reference.

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              1. re: srgoodman

                John was a friend of mine. River Rock is his father's farm, so while the outreach to our area has since dwindled, the steaks do appear at City Feed & Supply in JP, and the quality is still excellent. They would grade out at choice for the most part, but they're yummy.

                1. re: srgoodman

                  River Rock Farm has amazing beef of all cuts. I belong to their winter subscription program and they deliver about 7 pounds of meat to us every month. We did this last year and ate like royalty all winter long! (You can also add on other cuts to the regular subscription delivery.)