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Nov 12, 2008 10:50 AM

What to order at Scarpetta?

My husband and I are dining at Scarpetta and we couldn't be more anxious to try this restaurant. We really enjoyed Scott at L'Impero, so hopefully the meal will live up to our expectations. Any advice on what to order?? Thanks!

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  1. everything i've had there has been very good to superb...if you do a search, i posted a long review it a few weeks ago...but offhand, i rec the scallop tartar, the cavatelli, and the black cod w/ stewed tomato...

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      look up my review of scarpetta on chow post

    2. I quite enjoyed the veal shank and chicken entrees when I was there. For both dishes, I was particularly impressed by the sauce and condiments (marrow for the veal, chicken liver sauce for the chicken), much more so than the meat. The fish entrees for me were just so-so.

      For app, the polenta and short ribs, like everyone mentioned, were probably the best dishes among all. The crudo or carpaccio were not bad, but a bit too "generic" like you get in other high quality Italian restaurants like Hearth or Esca.

      I also enjoyed the sea urchin pasta and the duck liver ravioli (quite heavy though)

      1. look up my review of Scarpetta on Chow as well. But basically get the polenta with mushrooms and the agnolotti is a must have

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          The Short ribs are orgasmic.
          Any pasta dish.

        2. Mozzarella In Carrozza, Spaghetti with Tomato and Basil, Sliced Duck with Root Vegetables, Amadei Chocolate Cake....all winners.

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            i am a huge fan of Scarpetta and have recommended a lot here...but personally i find the duck to be one of the weaker dishes: despite the evocative ("Sicilian spices") description, i found it a bit bland...

          2. The polenta with mushrooms was the only dish i would return for. Other dishes were fine, but hardly standouts. In particular, the spagetti with tomato sauce. I ordered it, and it taste virtually identical to a version that Hazan has in her cookbook that I make all the time - its the one with onion and BUTTER! Easiest sauce in the world to make. Only difference at Scarpetta is the addition of basil. At $24.00, without a doubt a waste of least for me.

            Another weird of the pasta listed "imported spagetti". So i asked the waiter, and he said my spagetti is domestic. Huh? It was definitely dried pasta, and I'm not familiar with any domestic pastas that compare to Italian.

            I enjoyed the restaurant, however, but would be in no rush to return unless I was in the neighborhood.

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              I could tell the tomato sauce was plentiful in butter and fresh parmesean cheese. That made it good. That you make the same sauce is also good.

              While pricey, the spaghetti is homemade and a single portion is enough for two people. So not a waste of money at $12 a least to me.

              1. re: TrishUntrapped

                What are the prices like couln't find any on thier website or menupages?

                1. re: babyblue

                  These are prices from when I went in September:

                  Mozzarella in Carozza (appetizer) - $15
                  Spaghetti with tomato and basil - $24 (Ample for two)
                  Cavatelli with Rabbit - $22 (Ample for two)
                  Sicilian Sliced Duck (entree) - $26
                  Amadei Chocolate Cake - $11 (We split it)