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Nov 12, 2008 10:31 AM

ISO: Malted Milk Powder

Having difficulty finding malted milk powder, Chinatown says that Horlicks hasn't been allowed in as an import for awhile. I know Carnation used to make it, but haven't found any at the local Safeway or at the Berkeley Bowl. Would prefer not to have to buy the large bulk containers that ice cream shops use, but might have to resort to that if I can't find it anywhere else!


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    1. re: wolfe

      Thanks for the referral. I still HIGHLY recommend the barley malt powder from Rainbow Grocery. Its the REAL DEAL, and is much more versatile than the Carnation or Horlicks stuff that are only made for making malted milk or malts and have added hydrogenated oil in them.

    2. I recently had to go searching for malted milk powder at my local grocery store in minnesota, in order to make chow's triple malted cake for my girlfriends birthday (make it - it was seriously phenomenal) so i can feel your pain. after searching here people tended to pretty unanimously bash carnation, but that was all i could find. apparently mail order is the preffered manner for acquiring non-carnation malted milk.

      that said, i thought for sure it would be located near the drinks/hot chocolate powders at my grocery store and was very confused, but delighted, to find it near the ice cream supplies (cones, syrups etc) probably for making malted milkshakes with.

      maybe your grocery does have it, but located in some equally illogical location?

      1. I actually wrote to Safeway and was advised they were no longer carrying it. I found mine at Rainbow Market - in the bulk area.

        * I have a serious passion for making Espresso Malted Milkshakes with coffee ice cream.

        1. I was also on the malted milk powder quest recently. Finally I found it at Berkeley Bowl. It's in the lane with the teas, spices and Asian and British foods. It was at the end of the aisle towards the front of the store, opposite the spices, on the highest shelf. I think it was carnation brand. I don't know if they always have it in stock, but it was definitely there a few weeks ago.