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Nov 12, 2008 10:12 AM

Group dinner not far from Miami Intercontinential Hotel

Will be at a conference in Miami next week, located at the Intercontinental Hotel. Looking for suggestions for dinner for a large group (16-18 people). We need to find a place that is nice, moderately priced ($15-25 entrees) can accomodate a few kids, and offers some vegetarian options. Most prefer ethnic food choices. Have seen some positive comments about Sardinia, is this a good choice. Have also seen comments about Bali Cafe, but afraid it may close to early (trying for dinner around 7:15 or 7:30)

Would appreciate suggestions.

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  1. Crone>

    I'd absolutely contact http://www.ceviche105.com/ a lovely new Peruvian spot that will be perfect for your group. The place is a 3 street walk and has a great atmosphere too.

    There are a few casual spots at Bayside - the waterfront Marketplace that's also a short walk from your hotel. The place called Los Ranchos would probably work but the veggie options might be a challenge. They do group tapas menus and have a 2 for 1 price weeknights (a DEAL) but this is a Latin Grill - menu:


    There is also Bongo's at the AAA Arena - a Cuban place with a fun reputation, decent food and music. http://www.bongoscubancafe.com/www/ Oddly, they offer a veggie platter and also a few Spanish style omelettes with veggies too.