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Nov 12, 2008 10:09 AM

Upscale Kosher in Toronto


I need to be in Toronto for a couple days next week on business. I'd like to take my clients out for a nice dinner but I keep kosher. Can anyone recommend a good kosher palce suitable for a nice business dinner that would make a good impression (e.g. not pizza or falafel)? Though if anyone knows any good quick kosher spots for lunches and snakcs, that would be appreciated too.

Toda Raba!

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  1. Gladstone's was great 2 years ago when I was there!

    1. Unfortunately, the downtown area of Toronto is not where the major Jewish community lives.... so you will need a car to get to the kosher restaurants. The following is the link to the kosher map of toronto provided by the COR

      The closest to downtown really really good restaurants are: Bistro Grande (dairy) and Gladstones (meat) both on Eglington Avenue and very very nice for a non-jewish business lunch.

      1. I believe Gladstone's has closed, though I have not confirmed this. You might try Marron Bistro on Eglinton

        There is one place downtown that I know about, Oasis in First Canadian Place. It's dairy and in a (nice) food court type of setup.

        There's much informal choice in North Toronto and Thornhill. Where will you be?