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Nov 12, 2008 10:09 AM

Private Dining Room/Wine Cellar

I need to book a private dining room/wine cellar for a holiday party grp of 10. Prefer Prix fix < $150 a head with wine pairing/all you can drink wine. Anyone have some suggestions?

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  1. i would love to get some responses to this question as i am looking for something similar. i do know that many restaurants will do this for you upon request. my group had a dinner at tribeca grill 2 years ago. it wasn't in a private room but we had a large table for our group plus we each had 4 or 5 glasses of wine at a time. they paired each course with different wine. i know otto does something like this but i imagine you are looking for something nicer.

    hounders, any thoughts?

    1. You might look into the Italian Wine Merchants, whose owners include Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich. They have a lovely room that we've often thought would be nice for a private party. I have no idea of the cost, however.


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        I know Del Posto has a great downstairs private room, but not sure if 10 people is enough to get it reserved.

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          just booked a wine tasting dinner for 8 people at Italian Wine Merchants in one of their private rooms. The sommeliers are really good (knowledgeable, fun, etc) and they know how to pair food and wine. I chose the menu in advance (it's a tasting menu) and then they will get back to me next week with recommended wine pairings. They say to assume 1 bottle of wine per person at a cost of appx $75 per bottle (could be more or less depending on what we end up choosing and whether or not you have heavy drinkers). The dinner itself is around $100/pp, plus wine, service charge, etc - I'm estimating around $200/pp. It might be more than you are willing to spend, but if you choose less expensive wine, you might be able to stay within budget.

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            Do you know where the food comes from? I haven't asked.

        2. Il Buco has a wonderful room that is stocked full with wine. $150 should be about right. It's below the main room. Only walked through it on the way to the fridge (long story, delivering pigs) but I've put it in my back pocket for the appropriate occasion.

          1. Irving mill has a wine cellar and I did my husband's 40th at aroma kitchen and wine bar on east 4th street.

            1. Try City Hall.. This Board recommended it to me this past summer and we were thriled!