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Nov 12, 2008 09:25 AM

Best SD Vintner?

Where do you shop? Who's your favorite wine go-to-person?

Chefhusband and I watched MONDOVINO last night, and I got all fired up about Parkerization and globalized, conglomerated wines. I'd like to find a vintner who will treat us well even though we can't be big spenders-- and stock us up on $10 wines we might not find at Trader Joes or Von's.

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  1. Ok, so these aren't vintners but I do have some ideas for where to shop. Lately there seems to be several places I go for smaller independent labels. Some of my favorites are:
    The 3rd Corner
    (they have an excellent selection, although I recommend calling ahead if you develop favorites). They also offer a 5% half case discount and 10% off full cases (both are good for mixed cases as well).
    The Cask Room
    Perhaps I'm biased since I am also a member of their wine club, but I think Mike and Stephanie do an excellent job bringing in wines across all price points. Mike carries a decent sized selection of retail wines (many around the 10 price point) as well as his wines available by the glass or bottle. As a side note if you want to try some great wines every month he has a wine club for 25-30 dollars. Every month you get two bottles he has hand selected. They are often from small wineries with very limited production.
    The Wine Vault and Bistro
    Not exactly what you're looking for but I recommend trying their wine flights, they often have wines around the 10 dollar range.
    I know there are other places I go but I will have to keep thinking. I Hope this helps!

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      Daniel is a great addition to the Cask Room, friendly and very knowledgeable

        1. re: Cathy

          Any particular sales person at the San Diego Wine Co?

          1. re: pickypicky

            There are only five. All are excellent and I have never been steered wrong. All of them taste each wine and are knowlegable. I have gone on and off for more than ten years.

            1. re: pickypicky

              Matt. Also, ask for what they may have in stock from Epic Wines or Berquist as those are excellent distributors. I'm not in the biz so I'm not trying to "sell" their wine.

              1. re: Josh

                Add a big 3rd to SD Wine Co. Was just there today

            2. In San Marcos, North County Wine Co. on San Marcos Blvd.

              1. check out Truly Fine Wines on Morena. totally focused on German wines. the owner, Damon, is a very friendly guy with some excellent wine.

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                1. re: ibstatguy

                  thanks! my husband adores German wines (me less so), but he'll love this tip.

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                    The only thing about TFW is that they carry alot of small production wines that very very few people have heard of. It's been very hit and miss for me there. They've either been REALLY good or just average for the price.

                    SDWINEco is probably your best bet for sub $15 wines. The service there is a bit uh.. lacking tho. I've never seen a place so ambivalent to their customers. Walk in and don't talk to anyone, see how long it'll take before someone asks if you need help.


                    1. re: clayfu

                      i prefer it that way lol, i don't want to be shopping for wines and feel like i am dealing with a car salesman!

                      1. re: clayfu

                        re TFW - I don't think Damon would mind, at all, getting a better handle on your preferences and trying to select wines based upon your prior experiences. Agree re the small production wines, it ain't Rudi Wiest (Carlsbad) - who imports a lot of wines that I really, really enjoy

                        1. re: ibstatguy

                          Check out this one at TFW, A real joy.

                          2004 Weingut Gutzler Riesling Auslese (Germany, Rheinhessen) 9/26/2008 clayfu 92

                          EXCELLENT QPR. Tropical fruits with a lemon undertone and as it warms up a little bit of heat. Creamy vailla with honey and pineapple on the pallete with great minerality/acidity (the type that almost tickles your tongue!). Ate it with some spicy food and it was just such a great match. It's a BIT thick for my tastes, but definitely not as syrupy as other Auslese i've had! DELICIOUS! Definitely buying more!


                          1. re: clayfu

                            you going Brad Coelho on me with those tasting notes? ;-) thanks for the heads up on the wine.

                    2. About service. . . We've had incredible service at the LJ Trader Joe's for wines. Every single under $12 wine that's been recommended (and many under $6 wines!) have been excellent and I don't just mean QPR. So, while I want to broaden my horizons, I'm willing to travel and pay more if I get good service and trustworthy expertise. Otherwise, I'd rather use the extra time to surf and stick with my TraderJoe (or World Market) wines. But I'll give SD Wine Co a shot.