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What's your latest food quest?

Romantic Dinner Spot?

perogy Nov 12, 2008 08:53 AM

It's out 7th anniversary on Friday!

I have searched through the boards and haven't found quite what I am looking for. There was a good thread on Nov 5 - a girl wanting to take out her BF for his bday. HOWEVER, my H is a litle more low-key and while he enjoys a good meal, it may be unnecessary this time around to 'go all out'.

We recently dined at Splendido and are heading to Chiado in 3 weeks. So, the recs in that previous thread just weren't hitting my mark. Too fancy? Or something? ;)

I want something more like 7 numbers or even quince, but neither of these places will do. I think I frequent both of these places too often.

So, what is romantic, a little less $$$ and not too small that my linebacker-type H won't leave hungry? (This sometimes happens, unfortunately).

My back up (if I can't think of anything different) is to take him to Boba (is this private enough? haven't been there since the rennovation) or Mitsura. Was thinking maybe Corner House, but it closes at 10pm?! We are aiming for a 9pm seating.

Thanks in advance for all the suggestions. Location is a non-issue. Also, no seafood or not heavy on the seafood (and yes, I do know what Chiado is all about....it's a work function).

  1. Rabbit Nov 12, 2008 11:24 AM

    I do like Mistura, but it is in the price-y range with $36-55 mains. Also, I find it quite formal even though they're going for the casual-formal vibe... I mean, they do have valet parking.

    A few other suggestions that I think are more of the Quince/7 numbers lineage... Rosebud, Torito (love it, although hubby might not be satisfied with tapas), Lucien is a nice option, Universal Grill. I'd like to get to Weezie's based on the CH reviews, but I can't vouch firsthand.

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    1. re: Rabbit
      Montrachet Nov 12, 2008 12:26 PM

      Perogy, I'm in the same boat, with an anniversary coming up, and looking for great food and a romantic atmosphere, without spending obscene amounts of money. I am a big Weezies fan - my only caveat is that it may be a little too low-key for this occasion. That said, the food is terrific, and it is probably quite convenient for you (it's at King and Power).

      After much searching, I have decided on Amuse-Bouche at 96 Tecumseh Street. Other Hounds like it, and the menu looks divine - see their website. They have a 4 course degustation at $60.

      Perhaps you can let us know where you end up. Happy Anniversary!

    2. finelydiced Nov 12, 2008 10:03 AM

      Not sure if the $$ will be in the right range, but Lucien on Wellington is nice and intimate and you shouldn't leave hungry.

      1. b
        bomchicawowow Nov 12, 2008 09:28 AM

        my suggestion is silver spoon. romantic, affordable, portions not too small, and DELICIOUS!!!!

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