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Nov 12, 2008 08:30 AM

Finches Falmouth,ME

Had a great dinner on Tuesday Night a Finches in Portland,ME. I haven't been there in a while but was invited by the Chef Pat Alden to come in for dinner. I thought it would be laid on heavy because of the invite but I was wrong. I great night of food and wine. Jonny, the owner, was very witty and comforting. You can tell he has great pride in his place. It nice to see a owner present and talking to the guest. He actually recommend a wine, Primus 2005 carm,merlot,cab blend, not on the list. It was a $32. Not trying to push some $70 - $100 bottle. The wine was great.

The food was solid the whole way through. While not re-inventing the wheel or pushing the boundaries it was nice to eat great food in a full restaurant. We had a potato-parsnip soup the was amazing. Not a puree but nice broth, sweating with a touch of dark maple syrup, nice cube vegetables and perfectly seasons. I was surprised how well the food was seasoned even though they has salt and pepper on the table.

I know this board talks a lot about the same 8 restaurants. But if you want a change and a nice night out, I highly recommend Finches

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  1. Thanks, Chef James. As you say, it's good to know about places in addition to the usual area suspects, and coming from you, this is high praise indeed.

    1. Shhhh, c'mon, let's keep mum about some of the gems (grin). I dine here about every three or four months, and I've never been disappointed. Of course, it shows, with the owner not only in the house, but in the front of the house keeping an eye on everything. And I've had a similar wine experience.