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Dupont Circle for Solo Diner - Tonight!

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My husband is in DC for business and wants to explore the Dupont Circle area tonight. Where can he have a good dinner by himself? He's looking for something casual, mid-priced, with a fun atmosphere. He enjoys good beer and virtually all cuisines, except for Indian. Thanks!

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  1. The best would be Tabard Inn, south of the circle. If that's a bit too expensive, he may like the bar at Bistro du Coin, north of the circle. It's DEFINITELY lively.

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      Hank's Oyster Bar?

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        Bistro du Coin (French bistro not expensive) for atmosphere - Zorba's cafe for value!

    2. Thanks and sorry for the late notice. He went to Hank's Oyster Bar and enjoyed it. We had planned on going with the kids when we join him this weekend and he was glad he ended up going alone instead. He said that although he was sure they'd be welcome, there wasn't a ton for them to eat and they might be a nuisance to all the couples just enjoying a glass of wine (even if they are well-behaved). So, a good choice on all fronts.