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Nov 12, 2008 08:02 AM

Steak Pizza at the Dogwood

Love the pizza at the Dogwood and it's always difficult to decide on what to order. So, this time I went with something totally different. Pizza with steak and gorgonzola cheese. Of course, I also had to order a backup meatball, pepperoni, prosciutto, sausage pizza just in case, but it really wasn't necessary. I was suprised at just how good this pizza was. The steak was tender, the gorgonzola wasn't overly sharp so it didn't detract from the flavor, and the crust was crisp, tender and light. Now, I'm wondering where else I can get this combination. Any thoughts?

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  1. I just had this about a month ago and it was delicious. Some what similar is the steak pizza at Cambridge 1. This one has more of a sharp taste with their gorgonzola and and arugula though. They do have a roasted onion pizza on the menu, so I wonder if they would put that on their steak pizza for you in lieu of the arugula?

    1. i think upper crust has a steak and gorgonzola combo on their menu but can't vouch for its taste.

      1. Have seen good things about the Dogwood here, so decided to try one of their pizzas not all that long ago -- just a plain cheese and tomato sauce pie. Liked the tangy sauce and the cheese was the correct amount and melted right. What I didn't like was the crust, which had a non-crisp Italian breadstick consistency and badly needed salt.