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Nov 12, 2008 07:39 AM

Hispanic Food Supplies in Portsmouth, N.H.?

Most welcomed: info about source of Hispanic foodstuffs - masa, enchilada sauce, tortillas, crema, Goya products in Portsmouth. Strangely, Goya does not respond to inquiries.

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  1. if you find one, please report! I don't know of anything - but a decent store with wonderful products is Fresh Market on Rte. 1 in Portsmouth, great store!

    1. I've noticed a lot of Goya products at the Shaw's and the Market Basket on Woodbury Avenue in Portsmouth.

      1. I'm sorry to have to break the news, but it doesn't exist. There is a place in Somersworth that sells some Latino foodstuffs, but their selections are limited:

        Lucky Supermarket
        Main St #1 Somersworth Plaza
        Somersworth, NH 03878
        (307) 783-5930‎