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Nov 12, 2008 07:15 AM

Casa Maya Grill in Deerfield Beach

Word is that Senor Burrito has opened up the Casa Maya Grill in The Cove Shopping Center in Deerfield. Site says it's authentic Mexican Mayan cuisine from the Yucatan Peninsula and has cochinita pibil (achiote pork) and a mole rojo poblano (78 spices and condiments?).

Any reviews would be appreciated.

Casa Maya Grill
301 S.E. 15th Terrace
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
(954) 570 - 6101

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  1. My wife and I had lunch there on a Saturday about a month ago. The menu and quality are very similar to Senior Burrito although there are several fish dishes including fish tacos as well as the mole rojo burrito that dropped off Senior Burrito's menu over a year ago. I don't know about authentic Mexican Mayan cuisine but the food was good and I enjoyed the mole sauce.

    We asked the waitress about a connection to Senior Burrito and she said that the owner of Casa Maya was co-owner of Senior Burrito but split with his partner some time ago.

    Given the expanded menu and the availability of mole rojo dishes, this will probably become our first choice for local (Boca-Del Ray-Deerfield) Mexican food. That said, I still wish that Dona Raquel or Tacos al Carbon were closer to home.

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      This from their website kind of strikes me odd that they don't make their own mole rojo. "The specialty sauce, called Mole Rojo Poblano, is a unique blend of 78 spices and condiments. Imported from Mexico, it is considered one of the most complex and savory sauces in the world!".

      Thanks for the review RickL. I will have to give this particular mole a try.

      1. re: freakerdude

        I understand the concern about not making their own mole. On the other hand, I order mole from Guelaguetza in Los Angeles which is excellent. (Just noticing how old the post is).

        1. re: CFishman

          For store bought moles, I am unhappy with both the Dona Maria and Rogelio Bueno versions. My sole attempt to make one myself 5 years ago wielded poor results with way too much labor. If the S&H didn't cost more than the actual product ($8 + $9.95S&H), I might try it out.

          Thanks for the info though.

          1. re: freakerdude

            Just noticing this post again from a couple years ago. I talked to the owner more about why they don't make the Mole in house. They do, it's just a mix of the spices and powder that gets imported (the base of the mole), the rest of the ingredients and actually making it take place @ Casa Maya. Just an FYI ! Love the place by the way

      2. re: RickL

        I work down the road from here and have taken several of my co-workers here. They loved it as much as I did. Their salads are fresh and I love their Chicken Soup.

        The owner, Emililo, is very hositable and greets everyone and knows the regulars by name.

        If you want good authentic Mexican that is affordable I suggest eating here.

        I definitely recommend this.

      3. Had a fabulous lunch there today. Very high quality food, right down to the lettuce in the salad. I had a marvelous pumpkin/cilantro sauce on a chicken burrito: the chicken was juicy, tender, and perfectly cooked; the sauce was a complex delight. They had Stela Artois on tap and a very nice selection of wine by the glass.

        Very reasonably priced, too, for food that approaches the gourmet level.

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        1. re: albigensian

          Thanks for the review. I will have to try it out since Moquila in Boca is way too pricey for me.

        2. From the website it looks like no margaritas - how is the sangria????

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            There are actually frozen margaritas and on-the-rocks, both delicious, and a large drink for only $5! The sangria is also a must, not too sweet, but just right.

          2. After almost 2 years since the OP, I finally visited this place. Lots of options here and they had 2 lobster specials. One was 3 lobster tacos for $18 and the other was lobster stuffed chilles rellenos for $14. These sounded great but I had to try the mole rojo.

            Salsa was good and had roasted tomatoes or garlic in it. Roasted tomato and black bean soup was really good. It had a potato wafer slice, sliced avocado, crumbled cheese, cilantro, and sour cream in it.

            Enchiladas mole rojo came as 2 chicken and 1 cheese. This mole rojo they import is the best I have had. It had a great blend of flavors with none of them overpowering. If you ever make it, try anything with mole rojo. Too bad it is too far south for me to visit regularly. I like this place much better than Senor Burrito.

            1. Congratulations to Casa Maya for winning Sun Sentinel's Best of South Florida: Best Mexican restaurant.

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                Yes - and a great write up in Sun Sentinel, including this mouth-watering section:

                "Asked to name some of his signature dishes, Dominguez starts with mahi mahi ceviche, his mother's recipe, made with a blend of citrus juices and jicama. He starts his pork with pibil sauce by marinating the meat in an annatto paste mixture. It's wrapped in banana leaves and slow roasted for eight hours. His mole poblano is made with 78 ingredients. And if diners want an authentic taste of his hometown, the port city of Progreso, Dominguez recommends chiles rellenos. His are stuffed with mahi mahi and shrimp and served with a sauce made with fresh garlic, onions, tomatoes, capers, raisins and white wine."