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Nov 12, 2008 07:13 AM

ISO Fancy, small Jam/Mason Jars in Toronto


I would like to find some smaller, preferably fancy jars for jam for a gift. Something a little different from the usual Canadian Tire/grocery store type ones.

Has anyone seen anything slightly fancier, suitable for a present for the family jam-maker who is always giving away all of her jars?

I work downtown but am willing to drive.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I actually saw the nice small ones , 4 oz size with decorated glass in Zeller's but that was about two weeks ago...You could call many of the stores have put the 'summer items' away after Halloween so finding them might not be that easy at this time
    The Zeller's that I went to was in the Galleria Shopping Mall at Dufferin & Dupont, I think it's 1245 Dupont...pretty dreadful Mall but it is the closest Zellers to me.

    1. If you have time and are willing to do a little extra work, the Martha Stewart holiday magazine that's out right now in Chapters has a beautiful idea for decorating glass hurricane candle holders. It could easily transfer to decorating mason/jam jars :)

      1. Thank you both, I'll try Zellers and take a look at the Martha Stewart magazine. Decorating ones myself would be a nice personal touch.

        1. Go to the Bernardin website. They have many different shapes of jars with plenty of decorative lids. You can order on line and they deliver it within a few days.

          A fellow canner.

          1. I found the most beautiful small jars - Weck canning jars - at the Wildly Delicious warehouse sale today on Railside Road. They are $2 a pop.