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Nov 12, 2008 07:02 AM

Baltimore diner needs new recs!

I'm looking for some new dinner places to try- I live in Canton and feel as though I've exhausted most of the good stuff in Canton and Fells. Anything new and spectacular I should check out in the neighborhood? Some of my favs include Jack's Bistro, Mezze, and Birches...if that helps...thanks!

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  1. Definitely try Annabel Lee (Clinton and Fleet) if you haven't already. The old Red Fish has finally reopening as Meridian 54 (Hudson and Boston) - I ate there this past weekend and had a great meal. Yellow Dog (Potomac and Foster) is another solid choice.

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      Ah thanks for reminding me about Annabel Lee's...that place seems to be getting some pretty good buzz. I'm interested to know more about this new Meridian 54...

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        Can you elaborate on you Meridian 54 experience? I've been waiting for Red Fish to re-open, but would like a few opinions before I try it out.

      2. Peter's Inn, for sure -- right next door in Fells Point.

        1. Your faves match up with mine and I agree wholeheartedly with the Peter's Inn and Annabel Lee suggestions, so hit those up if you haven't already. Other places around town, though not in Canton that you might want to venture out for are Chameleon Cafe & Hamilton Tavern on Harford Rd, Abacrombie over by the Meyerhoff, Ze Mean Bean in Fells, and Baltimore Pho over at Hollins Market. All relaxed places with great food.

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            I think I need to give Peter's a second shot- had heard so many great things about it but wasn't quite up to expectation. I had cheese grits and shrimp; my date had fish tacos. My dish was pretty yummy; his was pretty sub-par.

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