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Nov 12, 2008 06:07 AM

YYC - Elegance for the older (60s) Crowd

My mother is having a big birthday this month. I'd like to take her somewhere she can get all dressed up. She's not really the type for "fancy food" although she does like the River Cafe. I've heard bad things about the Palliser. Is The Ranche worth the drive? I think Italian is out as they were recently in Italy. We live near Kensington so I was wondering about Muse. Since she's not a foodie, it may not be worth spending big bucks, but the atmosphere is key. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Bear's Den but that's as much of a drive as The Ranche.

    1. If she enjoyed the atmosphere of the River Cafe, she will love the Ranche. I have been many times as it is relatively close to my area and I have never been disappointed. They have photos of the interior and exterior on their website:
      Muse is also nice, but its quite modern compared to River Cafe or the Ranche. Another one that would fall into this category would be Rouge.

      1. I would definitely recommend Rouge if you don't want to drive all the way to the Ranche.
        Lovely atmosphere, and I've taken a few women in their sixties who adored it!

        1. Muse has a lovely quiet, subdued and relaxed ambiance. Elegance with a capital E. It has a mix of guests, from business expense users to couples seeking romance. If I remember, there were fireplaces, and the building is quite lovely. Large comfy chairs and a lot of wood. We sat upstairs, if that makes a difference.

          The food was outstanding. I don't think it would be lost on a someone who doesn't consider themselves a foodie, but just to use my mom as a barometer, the prices might put her off. The food and mood are totally worth it, though, in my opinion. When we visited, we drove specifically from Edmonton for the tasting menu and walked from a friends house, who also lives in Kensington. I remember finding the walk to and from the restaurant (in my post-tasting and wine pairing haze) to be almost as enjoyable as the meal.