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Nov 12, 2008 06:04 AM

Fujiyama Norwell

Has anyone been (recently) to Fujiyama in Norwell? Unfortunately there are no sushi restaurants on the South Shore and I've wondered about this one from time to time.

-Quality of the fish selection
-Ambiance (I know it's in a strip mall).

Any comments on this place?

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  1. I was very unimpressed with Fujiyama in Norwell. Service was great because no one was in there. Ambiance was none existant. Seafood was blah. Jack's Sushi in Hingham looks from the ouside like a bad pizza joint. They have great sushi and a large following in the area. In my opinion, either of the Fuji's in Quincy are hands down the best quality, service and authentic ambiance.

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    1. re: Richard Hurts

      Where is Jack's sushi in Hingham. Do they have a website?

      1. re: Richard Hurts

        I agree 100%. I've been to fujiyama a few times and left thinking i could have spent a lot less for better sushi at Whole Foods, and I'd say the ambiance of eating that sushi in my car is comprable to eating at Fujiyama. I also agree that Fuji 1546 in Quincy center is the best bet for SS sushi. The atmosphere is funky but at least there is atmosphere to speak of. FYI- fuji service is usually slow. To avoid this, i now sit at the bar (not sushi bar) where i'm always well taken care of.

      2. Feng Shui in Cohasset, Rt 3a, has great shushi, as does the Japanese restaurant in Marshfield's Webster Square, Aoyama. Give them a try, I don't think you will be disappointed..

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