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Nov 12, 2008 05:57 AM

Help Me Pick a Magazine

I'm doing one of those 'buy a magazine to help my school' fundraisers and I'm having trouble choosing between some of the food magazines.

Here are my options:

Bon Appetit
Cooking Light
Everyday Food
Food & Wine

Does anyone have opinions on what they like and why, or which to avoid at all costs?

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  1. I would go with either Bon Appetit (in spite of it's recent makeover) or Food & Wine. I subscribe to both and with just about every issue I find a handful of recipes that I find myself making with regularity. Bon Appetit seems to somewhat frequently have special editions dedicated to Italy, and I happen to be an Italo-phile.

    1. I'd skip F&W. I used to have a subscription; dropped it when it became more ads than anything. I picked up a fall issue of Cooking Light on the way back from Las Vegas a few weeks ago; I kept it as I liked a lot of the recipes in it.

      Don't know enough about Bon Appetit or Everyday Food to say yea or nay. So I'd lean towards Cooking Light myself.

      1. FWIW

        I was in the same boat and opted for Cooking Light. I've got 4 issues and haven't looked at any of them.


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          LOL! I think with those four choices, you'll probably have favorable/unfavorable responses on all of the magazines, for varying reasons!

        2. Bon Appetit tends to use short cuts, prepared foods in its recipes. Some of the lifestyle articles are fun, if you're in the mood, annoying if you aren't.

          Cooking Light has some good recipes, but the "light" part seems to be the tiny portion sizes they recommend.

          Never seen Everyday Food.

          Food & Wine: I'm not that interested in wine, but you may be.

          No Gourmet?

          1. Both the America's Test Kitchen and the Cooks Illustrated magazines are outstanding. Full of really great recipes (that work), equipment recs, etc. I believe they are quarterly though.

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              I tend to disagree on the ATK and CI. I found their recipes pretty basic.

              OP: Do you have the option for Saveur or Gourmet? Those are my favorites! Of those you listed above, I would go with Bon Appetit or Cooking Light.