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Nov 12, 2008 05:28 AM

Dining Near the BU Theater Suggestions?

I am attending a show this Saturday evening at the BU Theater on Huntington. I know that Brassiere Jo is near there, but don't know anything about it. Can anyone recommned some good places where we can park the car once and walk between dinner and the theater?

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  1. I like Brasserie Jo. The food is good, the prices reasonable for the area and the place is lively. You could park in the Symphony Garage on top of the Whole Foods. Prudential Center Garage would work, too. Check theater website to see if they validate anywhere.

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      A little secret about parking near Brasserie Jo: if you are traveling east on Huntington Avenue, after passing Brasserie Jo and the Colonnade Hotel take the next right onto Garrison Street. There is a parking garage immediately on the left that is $8 on weeknights, and $10 on weekends.

    2. I love Betty's Wok and Noodle diner. You can select the noodles you want, the kind of sauce, the protein -- even pick out the exact veggies you want in your dish. I usually get the egg noodles with the Asian pesto (cilantro rather than basil) and start with an order of the curry dusted onion rings.

      The place is usuall VERY crowded pre-theatre, so plan accordingly.