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Nov 12, 2008 05:20 AM

Looking for good restaurant near Harrisburg / Hempfield

Hi, Off to the Hempfield soccer tournament near Harrisburg next w/e (22nd / 23rd) and looking for recommendations for a reasonable place to eat friday night - preferabley kid friendly (but still good) and not too expensive, and also Saturday lunch (close to Hempfield), and Sunday lunch / brunch (close to Hempfield). Lunch / brunches - cheap and cheerful is OK...

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  1. Where, exactly, will you be staying?

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      Okay, so the tournament itself takes place in East Petersburg. That is just north of Lancaster, it would be very inconvenient for you to go to Harrisburg for food. All of your typical chains that kids like, including the sit-down ones are not too far away near the Park City Mall. I am assuming that you want something a little better....
      Haydn Zug's is in East Pete, but it is a fine dining establishment, and not appropriate for kids in soccer attire. Isaac's Deli is a regional chain. The closest one is south on Rt. 72, in a strip mall behind Chili's. I like it, my kids like it, and there are lots of choices. I would definitely consider lunch there. If you like Vietnamese, Saigon Cafe is in the same strip mall. It's not the best Vietnamese in Lancaster, but it's not bad. My kids like Mexican, and we often take them to El Rodeo for dinner on a Friday night. It would also be near by, just a little farther south on 72 from Isaacs.

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        Centralpadiner - thanks for the great advice. We stay in a very large Holiday near Harrisburg - I will post the address when I get it. It is across from one of the amusement parks (Dutch wonderland or something like...), and is not particularly convenient for the tournament. (Our club mass book and we have our club banquet on the Saturday evening - food always horrible but the kids love).

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          Here is the Hotel address...

          Holiday Inn Harrisburg-East located at 4751 Lindle Rd., Harrisburg, PA 17111

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            The Holiday Inn out on Rt. 30 by Dutch Wonderland - again, you are in Lancaster. You are not going to Harrisburg, near Harrisburg you won't be any closer to Harrisburg than you will be to Philadelphia - it's all about Lancaster. You will be staying in the center of Lancaster's tourist district. There is a major lack of decent food in this area. However, there will be no lack of places to dine with a bunch of hungry rowdy soccer players. There are a TON of cheap, kid pleasing, chain restaurants very close to your hotel. Make the drive down to Isaac's for lunch one day for something that isn't a chain.
            Good luck, have fun, and know that this trip isn't about the food.

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              Thanks again... Have been a few times and have not managed to find anywhere close to the hotel that is reasonable. Have tried Isaacs and was quite good. Will try the Vietnamese for lunch on Saturday. Cant beat good Pho on a cold wet day. No family italian restaurant that is reasonable for Friday evening? Good za is better that horrible chain food.

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                For good casual family Italian nearby that isn't a chain, I'd recommend Firoentino's.

                The Lancaster Airport Location is only about a 5 minute drive from East Petersburg:

                500 Airport Rd
                Lititz, PA 17543

                Also, I second the recommendation for Lunch at Saigon Cafe. I love that place. Their Beef Stew with French bread is also great on cool rainy days.


      2. If you are indeed staying near Harrisburg, there is a very good diner at exit 2 off of 283. I think it's called the Capitol Diner.

        We used to have to make the trek from Philly to State College for 6 years (2 kids went to Penn ST), and would stop there a lot

        1. If you want eat near your hotel, there are a couple of kid friendly choices right nearby. Gilligans Bar & Grill is big and loud and has all of the food you would expect. Also, the Lancaster Brewing Company has a restaurant right down the street from your hotel in Harrisburg. Just google their names and you can check out menus, directions, etc.

          Chanceys Bar & Grill (just a block north of the center of East Petersburg on Rt. 72) is fine for lunch or dinner and isn't a chain.

          1. Please note we will be staying at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg-East located at 4751 Lindle Rd., Harrisburg, PA 17111 and playing our games around East Petersfield

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              Sorry, your post about your location in Harrisburg wasn't up yet when I flamed the Lancaster Tourist zone. Since you will be in Harrisburg, you definitely have more options.

              You don't say how old your kids are, but if you are in the mood to venture into the city for an evening out, you may want to check out the Fire House. It is a fun loud place and the food is good.

              If your kids tolerate Indian food (I wish mine did) I recommend Passage to India.

              I forgot about Fiorentinos - we love it there, but if I remember, the airport location does not serve pizza - which can be an unfortunate surprise when you're with kids expecting that at an Italian place. I don't live in Lititz anymore, and only go to the Columbia Ave. location these days, so this may have changed. They didn't have a pizza oven there for a long time.

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                Centralpa - thanks again...

                Last year we went to Al Mediterraneo which was very good. Is it still as good this year? and if not where else would you recommend... (We will probably not go - but parents with older kids might). I have a 15 yr old girl, 10 yr old boy and 8 yr old girl.

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                  Fiorentinos does serve pizza now. I think they added it within the last year or so. I haven't tried it yet though, so I'm not sure how good it is.


              2. There is a great Mexican restaurant about 5 minutes from the Holiday Inn - Herby's El Mexicano. There's also a very good Mexican restaurant in downtown Harrisburg called El Sol.