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Nov 12, 2008 05:14 AM

Gas range recommendations?

Who else would know, but the Chowhounds...

Our 30" gas range has finally packed it in -- looking for any recommendations as to a good replacement brand, or even better, brands to avoid? Nothing uber-fancy, just a reliable stove, <$1000...


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  1. While you may get some good recommendations here, the best place to cyber-shop for appliances has to be the Appliance Forum on GardenWeb. I've been cruising their boards for years and get some solid advice.

    1. I'm narrowing in on the GE Profile, at a bit more than your price range. There is a Fridaire with convection oven and 5 burner top that is in the mid 700s, think it might be a best buy at CR, Best has a nice search function to compare features.