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Nov 12, 2008 04:59 AM


Anyone know what's been going on in and around Pazo last night and today? It looks like they are filming something there (too many truckas and lights for a TV show, I think).

Also, has anyone been recently? I have a large reservation this weekend and was thinking about one of their Prix Fixe menus for a big goup.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Folks, we've had to remove some off-topic posts about movie filming in Baltimore. Please keep this thread focused on food. Thanks.

      1. I just ate there for the first time last weekend so figured I would help you with an "approved" topic! I was in from DC and was excited by the vibe there but not terribly by the food. We had the kobe brisket which was VERY good, one of the pizzas which was so so. A terrible shrimp dish and then several mediocre small plates. We did have fantastic service and a bottle of decent wine for under $25 (i almost passed out when I saw the wine list prices!). I would be interested to hear what the prix fixe experience was like since we only did small plates.

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          Okay--the food was so-so. Didn't you find the tables to be so close together that you were dining with those people?!

          My hubby and I dined there about six or seven months ago and couldn't even squeeze between the tables. We are both very small, slender people.

          The food was adequate--nothing memorable. We probably would have had a more positive attitude towards the cuisine if the table spacing would have been more desirable. FoiGras

          1. re: FoiGras

            I agree Foi! In such a HUGE space, it seems very ironic that everyone is on top of each other. Our table of 9 was seated upstairs, which might even be more spacious than downstairs, at a table that would have comfortably fit 7 or maybe 8. Our original reservation was for 11 and when I called the night before to tell them only 9 would be at dinner, they didn’t want to update our reservation until the following night. I probably shouldn’t have been talked into this, as I’m sure our extra space was moved on the fly when we got there.

            Food on the whole was very good. I would say some less memorable dishes than others, but no real klunkers or misses. Some thought the shrimp (probably same as mentioned above) were the least favorite of the 11 or 12 tastings, but I found them well cooked paired with a nice flavorful sauce. Our two “main” dishes were lamb chops and braised lamb shoulder. Both were very good and the lamb shoulder was probably the highlight of the evening. The empanadas were very good, and the shallot bruschetta with goat cheese was also one of my favorites. Pizza was good but maybe a little disappointing. Wasn’t expecting the plain Crustini variation (9 people paying for the whole 10 person menu should get a slightly upgraded menu, right?).

            Atmosphere was nice upstairs, but seemed almost hectic downstairs. Would have been a nice place for drinks, but I don’t know that I would have enjoyed a meal in the midst of that. Service was very good and extremely attentive. Overall it was a nice evening. The value for the food might be a little low (we were 2/3rds of the way to a bill at Charleston!), but the service was excellent.

            1. re: gregb

              gregb--glad you had a better experience then we did. I don't plan on returning to Pazo anytime soon. I'd rather go to Charleston, where I haven't dined in quite some time. Hubby and I reserve it for more special occassions.

              If you haven't been to Cinghiale as yet--don't bother. I know I've commented on my experience there previsouly. It was very disappointing and much over priced for the quality of food. It's a lovely restaurant, the service was excellent, but the food just didn't measure up to expectations of a Wolf/Foreman venue.

              Now, other Chowhounds will vehemently disagree with my observations. FoiGras

              1. re: FoiGras

                I was at Cinghiale a few months back towards the end of the summer. The menu had a very local and seasonal feel to it. We had an heirloom gazpacho with shrimp and crustini that was really a special plate of food. The pasta and entree I had were both great, but my parents and brother all had a secondi or primi that came up a little short. I had a great couple of dishes and we all agreed the service was outstanding, as usual for the Wolf/Foreman tandem, but can certainly see your experience being not far from mine and vice versa.
                I still have not been to Charleston, but hope an experience there is in my near future.